Thursday, 31 July 2008

Contractors press ahead.

The Contractors working on the Market Street replacement wall project are making good progress despite rising water levels in Kyre Brook.

The traffic lights have been removed as promised to allow the free movement of traffic during the Show weekend.

Toilet Design Competition

The MHDC design competition has attracted a number of entries ranging from the futuristic to the boring and uninspired.

The competition was for local architects to design public toilets to replace the ones damaged and subsequently demolished following the July 2007 floods.

The designs are currently on display in the public library or can be seen by clicking the link below.

Design Photos

Update from MHDC

Monday, 21 July 2008

Tenbury Flood Forum

Any Tenbury resident or business still suffering from problems associated with last years floods are encouraged to visit the Tenbury Flood Forum this Thursday 24th July at the Methodist Hall between, 4pm-7pm to meet with Mary Dhonau, Chief Exec National Flood Forum & Chris Dovey, of the Tenbury Flood Fund.

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Wall works stall

For most of the day, the traffic signals were the only sign of work at the Tenbury Wells Market Street Replacement Wall site. A few workmen were sighted later in the day, but despite all the assurances that the work would be completed as soon as possible and that WCC were very happy with the work schedule, remarkably little activity has been seen so far!

Monday, 14 July 2008

Wall works start.

The work on Tenbury Wells Market Street Wall has started just one week short of the anniversary of the third 2007 flood.

WCC Senior project engineer Glenn Lucitt, correctly predicted the start date of the work at the Tenbury Town Council meeting last Monday. His assurance that only one or two parking bays in Market Street would need to be suspended was not so correct.

Today all the Parking spaces were conned off to allow for the Traffic Signals.

Traffic flowed freely through the town centre, but shop keepers noticed a drop in trade, whether this was due to the reduction in parking spaces, people staying away in case of traffic hold up or because of the general economic situation it is hard top say.

Sunday, 13 July 2008

RAF Flypasts

Tenbury Wells has seen an unusually high amount of airborne activity over the past few days as the crews practice for the Queen's Flypast at the Royal International Air Tattoo at RAF Fairford.

By permission of Eurofighter GmbH

Photo's can be seen by clicking here.

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Buggers Muddle at the Mad Hatters Tea Party.

Life in local politics never runs smooth.

Following the resignation of one Town Councillor, Tenbury Wells has been forced into holding an election for a replacement following the application of 10 signatories to MHDC. However the resignation of a second Councillor went virtually unnoticed and as the requisite signatories were not received by the deadline, this vacancy can be filled by co-option. Clear so far?

The 2nd vacancy is for the St Michaels ward, but anyone living within 3 miles can apply which is virtually everyone living in the Tenbury area.

So anyone with a desire to sit on the Council must now decide whether to take their chance and stand for public election or apply for election by secret ballot amongst existing Town Councillors.

They cannot realistically try for both, as appearing on the ballot, will almost certainly exclude them from being considered for co-option, but the closing date for the ballot is prior to the closing date for co-option, however the election (4th August) for co-option is prior to the election by public vote (7th August).

So that's clear then!
Also, no voting cards will be issued for the Public Election as TWTC does not have any money in its budget to cover this election.

Wall work to start

The much delayed work to restore the Market Street Wall demolised by a flash flood in 2007 starts next Monday.
Local contractor, Alun Griffiths Civil Engineering, have committed to finishing the work by Christmas.

Two way temporary traffic signals will be in operation, throughout the duration of the works but WCC have asked that they be withdrawn when possible.

MHDC Conservation Officer has specified that the new brickwork and coping stones should match the original wall with as many stones as possible being recovered from the brook and reused.

The initial phase of the work will be to stabilise the bank, which was weakened and damaged by the over enthusiastic, and some would say, unnecessary demolition of the late Victorian toilet block also damaged by flood water.

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