Monday, 2 June 2014

Waste Site Fiasco

As previously reported

New Waste Site For Tenbury 5th January 2009
Notice to Quit June 2011
More Parking 15th December 2011

19 December 2007

 I took this photo in 2007, but I probably could have taken it at any time over the last 20 years. Certainly nothing much has happened at the Tenbury Wells Business Park (apart from a few changes of tenants) for a long time.

In 2009 the County Council announced that Tenbury would get a new waste site.  It was after all in the contract drawn up with Severn Waste.  As often happens after the announcement nothing much happened.

In June 2011 I suggested that perhaps the Town Council should force the hand of the County by giving them notice to quite their existing site on the car park. As often happens nothing much happened.

Finally in 2013, the Town Council decided so serve notice.

Things started to happen.  Plans were drawn up by WCC & Severn Waste and submitted to the planning authority, MHDC.  The plans were supported by the local District Councillors and the Leader of MHDC, the County Councillor, The Town Council and by the public at an exhibition.  It looked like the plans would be passed this summer and the site would be built and be open by Easter 2015.

Suddenly two other companies whose names are secret due to business confidentiality also want space on the business park, so that plans for the waste site have been put on hold.

Some would say good news for Tenbury as more businesses on the park should bring additional jobs. Could this be evidence of the green shoots of economic recovery?  Or is this Tenbury getting stitched up yet again by the officers at MHDC!  Well certainly some Town Councillors, although trying to choose their words carefully through gritted teeth, at the very least thought "here we go again!"

No Tesco for another three years...

Tesco have confirmed that the Tenbury site is not on the list of 100 stores that they are cancelling. 

They have also confirmed that the site is not up for sale, but they still cannot confirm a date by which the store will be opened, or indeed when building is likely to start.

The indications are that the work will not start until at least financial year 2016/2017.

Some work will have to be started, otherwise the planning permission will lapse, but it seems once again Tenbury will be left waiting.