Friday 5 May 2023

May 2023 District Council Election Results

Tenbury ward result (turnout 33.04%):

Lesley BRUTON (Malvern Hills Ind): 684 ELECTED
Peter JONES (Green): 331
Paul OWEN (Con): 367

The overall results for the Malvern Hills District Council elections are as follows:

· Liberal Democrats: 3
· Conservatives: 7
· Independents: 11
· Malvern Hills Independents: 3
· Green: 7

2021 28%
2011 53.2%
2007 53.2%
2003 45.7%
1997 79.3%

Saturday 1 April 2023

Tenbury Splash to get Unesco World Heritage Status

Worcester County Council has decided to apply for Unesco World Heritage status for the Tenbury Splash point.  Their spokesperson said "This site has defeated our best endeavors and rather than spend any money in Tenbury we have decided to embrace the feature and apply for it to be protected"

The splash point in Kyrewood Road just over Kyre Bridge is still very much in evidence despite numerous attempts by WCC to solve it in the last twenty years.

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Friday 17 September 2021

District Council Results September 2021


There appears to have been a historically low turnout at 28*%.  Either the voters have become completely disenfranchised or totally apathetic. 

The conservatives have misjudged the mood of the traditional Tory Tenbury electorate by fielding a candidate that lived in Malvern rather than Tenbury whilst Labour and Lib Dems continue to offer no credible candidates or policies.

Despite this expensive and somewhat pointless exercise in local democracy the residents of Tenbury should benefit from having a local councillor well versed in the frustrating and at time incomprehensible ways of the District Council. 

2011 53.2%
2007 53.2%
2003 45.7%
1997 79.3%

Sunday 16 February 2020

Tenbury Flooding February 2020

Market Street - Looking East
Market Street - Looking East
Market Street
St Mary;s Church - Church Street
Church Street
Churchyard toward the River Teme
Churchyard toward the River Teme
Church Street - Looking North
Church Street Looking South
Teme Street - Looking South
Teme Street - Looking North
Looking East to the Old Cattle Market
Temeside House
Teme Street
Teme Street
Teme Street - Looking South
River Teme
Pay & Display Car Park
Civic Garden & Bowling Club
Civic Garden
Civic Garden
In Front of the Pavilion
Toilets & Pavilion
Crow Corner looking South
Market Street - Looking West
Crow Yard

Saturday 26 October 2019

Tenbury in Flood

Current River Level:  5.147m, rising. Increase in last hour  0.049m
The highest level ever recorded at the River Teme at Tenbury is 5.97m

Update: 5.32m at 10:00pm Saturday 26 October 2019.

Saturday 6 April 2019

Tenbury Election is a non event!

The recent local council elections in Tenbury turned into a non-event.

As the number of people standing for election was equal to or less than the number of spaces available the elections were not put to the vote.

Only two people stood for election to Malvern Hills District Council (both Conservative) so both were "elected"

District Councillors: Tony Penn (Conservative) & Bridget Margaret Louise Thomas (Conservative).

For Tenbury Town Council only 11 people stood for 13 places.

The newly elected Councillors will take up their seats in May. 

Tenbury Town Councillors (Town Ward): Andrea Brittain (Independent); Maggie Davies (Independent); Diann Dowell (Independent); Mary Drummond; Janet Margaret Fielder; Philip Alexander Heath; Natalie Maria McVey; Jonathan Pryce Morgan (Labour); David Patrick; Alan Gordon Wilkinson (Independent).
Tenbury Town Councillor (St Michael's Ward): Eric David Hudson (Independent).

There are still vacancies for one Councillor for Tenbury Town (Town Ward) and one Councillor for Tenbury Town (St Michael's Ward). These vacancies will be filled by co-option if there are any volunteers.