Sunday, 16 September 2012

Tenbury Civic Parade

The annual Tenbury Civic Parade took place the morning.  Although bright sunshine welcomed the marchers, there were fewer spectators than usual.

Tonight's the night

Months in the planning, hundreds of hours in the execution, and now finally tonight is the night of the biggest gala show Tenbury has ever seen.

Tony Christie, Paul Daniels and Debbie Mcgee,  Ceri Dupree, Kev Orkian and a host of other performers gather to entertain Tenbury in a sell out Gala Show.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Tenbury transported to the Royal Albert Hall

The Regal Tenbury, held it's first free to air live streaming event on Saturday night.

The picture and sound quality was amazing, and the audience really engaged with the show, with the traditional singing, clapping, stamping and of course the waving of flags.

Some even commented afterwards that they had been transported to the Royal Albert Hall and felt as if they were at the main event.

One slight technical glitch meant that the volume could not be increased quite a much as they would have liked and when the audience got very enthusiastic the sound from London couldn't be heard above the "local" singing. This has subsequently been resolved.

The Tenbury Town Council received numerous favourable comments about the event so the Mayor said at the Town Council Meeting "The Trust are to be congratulated on a wonderful evening"

The Wheelie Bins Are Coming

Wheelie Bins will be coming to Tenbury by 2015.  The next round on recycling legislation will force local councils to collect glass from the curbside, and MHDC have concluded the only safe way is to use Wheelie Bins.

Unfortunately (some would say) the weekly black bag collection will continue as before (so that the local crow population don't go hungry and can continue to split open sacks all over town every Monday)

Recyclables collection will switch to wheelie bins and be collected every fortnight.

Tesco Tenbury Update.

It seems that the contract to build a new store in Tenbury Wells still hasn't been agreed.

Two further obstacles still need to be overcome.  One is a land ownership query, and the other is about footpath maintenance.

Tesco are still committed to the site and hope to have the store open by Christmas 2013.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

The Regal is open at last

It's been years in the planning, months in the execution, and moments in the opening but at last the Regal Tenbury is fully open.

A short opening ceremony was held yesterday to mark a new chapter in the History of the Regal Tenbury Wells.

The ribbon was cut by Tenbury Mayor Cllr Susan Corfield, assisted by former projectionists, Andrew and Ted Wall and Tom Dallow.

After the ceremony over 120 people crowded into the Regal and became part of history as the Regal Trust used the new digital projector for the first time. The picture and sound quality was amazing, and everyone enjoyed all the new facilities.

The new Regal Cafe also opened for the first time, with patrons eager to sample the authentic hot dogs, the popcorn and a full range of drinks and coffees. The cafe is open daily from 10am to 5pm and from 6.30pm on show days. (Update - Cafe daytime opening delayed until Monday 10th)
The night couldn't have been such a success without the small army of volunteers who ran the box office, sold sweets and ice creams and showed people to their seats. They all did a marvellous job.

Films and live shows can be booked online at or by visiting the Box Office.

The trusts Gala opening is on Sunday 16th September, when Tony Christie, will be joined by Paul Daniels, Debbie Magee, Ceri Dupree, Kev Orkian, The West End Musical Stars and a few surprise guests. This is Tenbury’s biggest ever show and is not to be missed. A few tickets are still available.