Monday, 28 January 2008

Market Street Wall - Update

WCC seem to have backed down a little about the amount of disruption that will be caused by the building of the new wall along Kyre Brook.

The original project plan of 6 months with extended periods of road closures has been reduced to
  • unknown (no final agreement, but less than 6 months)
  • no lengthy closures (may be a few overnight closures)
  • two way (not three way) lights
  • no access required from Greenhill Close

A few fundamental flaws have been identified, such as

  • the wall isn't long enough. There is a gap between Caldicott's and the wall.
  • the wall on the opposite bank is also damaged.
  • what effect the change in flow might have on the down stream building foundations.

Tenbury Town Council is still pursuing their preferred option of culverting the brook in this area, although this

  • is against the Environment Agencies Policy,
  • may lead to additional delays,
  • is uncosted,
  • is opposed by local residents,
  • will cause a restriction due to the finite capacity of any culvert.

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Tenbury - Flood Warning Changed

The flood warning for Tenbury & area was changed to All Clear at 8.07 this morning.

For up to date information you can also call

08459881188 Input Code 052331 then option 1.

For the Environment Agencies explanation of what happened last summer click here.

Flood Warning

The Environment Agency Flood Warning for Tenbury Wells was raised to Flood Warning at 00.02 this morning.

River Teme from Ludlow to Bransford Bridge including Ludlow, Ashford, Little Hereford, Tenbury Wells, Newnham Bridge, Eardiston, Stanford Bridge, Clifton-On-Teme, Knightwick and Broadwas

Flood Warning - What it means
Flooding of homes and businesses is expected. Act now!

What to do
Move cars, pets, food, valuables and important documents to safety.
Get flood protection equipment in place.
Turn off gas, electricity and water supplies if safe to do so.
Be prepared to evacuate your home.
Protect yourself, your family and help others.
Act on your flood plan.

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Tenbury on Flood Watch

The Environment Agency Flood Warning for Tenbury Wells was raised to Flood Watch at 6.33 this morning.

The ground is now saturated and water is running off from fields into the already full watercourses.

(Water running down the footpath leading to the stepping stones at 9 am this morning)

Tonight MHDC were delivering supplies of Sand Bags to the Old Fire Station in readiness for an escalation of the flood warning.

Monday, 14 January 2008

Be careful what you wish for.

There has been much comment elsewhere on this blog about whether Tenbury Wells needs a new Supermarket.

I recently read the following observations which I thought I would share.
  1. £10 spent in a Local shop is worth £25 to the local economy.
    £10 spent in a Supermarket is worth £14 to the local economy,
    as supermarkets tend to syphon money away to Head Office and shareholders.
  2. On average the local economy losses 276 jobs following the opening of a large supermarket.
  3. Local shops experience on average a 30% loss in trade.
  4. The loss of just 15% would cause many shops to close, this then causes a ripple effect as the more shops that close, the fewer people come into town and this reduces trade further in the remaining shops, leaving no choice but to use the large supermarket.

Whether you love them or hate them, small shops and small businesses are vital to the economy of a small town.

See how Tesco's tried to upset Tuffin's

Conservation Area CONsultation

MHDC have appointed Scott Wilson Ltd of Leeds to produce an Appraisal and Management Strategy document reviewing the Tenbury Wells Conservation Area.

(The Pembroke House Pub - One of the nearly 70 listed properties in Tenbury Wells)

The very comprehensive document was generally well received, but recommendations such as removing Parking from one side of Teme Street, and introducing restricted times for parking on the other, are I believe ill conceived, especially as the Parking has only just been reviewed and additional spaces introduced.

Anyone who wishes to read and comment on the document needs to act fast as the 'CONsultation' clock is ticking. If you don't express an opinion against a suggestion, you will be deemed to have agreed with it.

Whether one (week) day access to the Consultants or a Public Meeting held at 5.30pm whilst many people are still working or travelling home is proper consultation is questionable.

Monday, 7 January 2008

WCC Fast Response

The blocked drain outside Temeside House was finally cleared today. (Monday 7th January 2008).

Although the drain had been blocked for months and reported many times, it was suddenly attended to a few hours after featuring in a story on BBC H&W.

The Council operatives confirmed that they had only just received instructions to clear the drain and had acted on them immediately.

Councillor Farmer was able to report to the Town Council tonight that the drain had been cleared.