Sunday, 16 March 2008

Tenbury back on Flood watch

Once again Tenbury Wells is back on Flood watch.

Heavy rain fell throughout the day on Saturday 15th March, quickly swelling both the Kyre Brook and the River Teme, but as the rain has now stopped the risk of flooding has reduced.

Lights! What Lights?

Is it any wonder that motorist ignore traffic signs and parking regulations.

The contractors working for WCC have consistently left signage in place and coned of areas when work has been suspended often for two or three days at a time.

The few minutes that it would take each day to remove or re-erect the signage would be limited, but what is the eventual cost of continually desensitising the motorist by having inappropriate signage in place.

Tenbury TIC stays put - even longer!

In what may be seen by some as a surprising move, the Tenbury Wells Tourist Information Centre, which had originally been earmarked to move in the the Library following the construction of the WHUB has now applied to have their lease extended for another 18 months instead of the usual 12?

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Tenbury TIC stays put!

In a rather surprising move, cash strapped MHDC have decided to renew their lease for the Tourist Information Centre at 47 Teme Street and not move it to the space provided for it at the new and very expensive WHUB extension to the Library.

In a recent survey Tenbury TIC ranked badly against both the Worcestershire Market Town average and the national Market Towns average, in all three catagories; Ease of Finding, Quality of Service and usefulness of information received.

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Town Council - No Comment

Tenbury Town Council have instructed their Clerk to reply to all enquiries that they are unable to comment about the proposed Tenbury Biomass Power Plant.

Until a formal planning application is submitted and referred to the Council for comment they must remain impartial.

It was also reported that the planning application was returned to the developer by MHDC as the developer had not paid the planning fee. Whether or not the developer had been given advice about the shortcomings of the application is unclear.

Unofficially at least one Councillor is pro-the Biomass project, some are anti, and the others undecided.

In an unrelated matter, the Council voted to remove a negative reference to small Biomass Power Generation Plants from a report to be submitted to the West Midlands Spatial Review.

No Auctions at the Round Market

Tenbury Wells historic weekly Plant and Produce auctions have been suspended for the foreseeable future. A significant decline in the number of enteries and subsequent reduction in the number of people attending has led to the decision.
The good news is that Market Rights Holder Owen Ball has agreed with the Market Owners, the Philip Baylie Trust that sellers can enter produce and plants for sale at a fixed price.

The new system will provide:-
  • better results for sellers as goods will be seen by more potential buyers

  • greater convenience for buyers as they can buy at a time that suits them rather than only at the time of the auction

  • lower commission charges for sellers.

Cross Street Parking Suspended.

The shortage of Parking in Tenbury Wells has yet again been made far worse by Lazy & Inconsiderate contractors working for Worcester County Council.

Few would argue that whilst the contractors were working opposite the parking bays, then the parking needed to be suspended, but why do the bays continue to be off-limits at the weekend when no work was being carried out and still suspended when the works had moved a significant distance up the road.

The only rational explanation is that the contractors could be bothered to move the cones!

Monday, 3 March 2008

Regular Splash Point is not a priority.

Councillor Reg Farmer confirmed tonight that work to prevent a notorious splash point were not a priority.

Tenbury Wells residents and Councillors alike have complained for years about a large puddle that appears just before the Bridge by the Crow Hotel. Unwary pedestrians and those who are just too slow, risk a soaking from passing motorists every time it rains.

Councillor Farmer suggested that pedestrians should cross the road to avoid the puddle and then cross back again as the footpath ceases to exist before the bridge.

Caring conservatism in action!

Replacement Wall Still Under Discussion

It is now 227 days since the last flood in Tenbury Wells, but a final solution to replacing the wall in Market Street seems still to be undecided.

At tonight's Tenbury Town Council Meeting, Mayor Bob Martin confirmed that they were still awaiting details from Worcester County Council regarding the replacement wall in Market Street.

Although the work was due to start this month, it appears that there is still no final design and a contractor is yet to be appointed.

Concerns were also raised about the narrow scope of the project, which could lead to water flow being diverted in such a way to undermine the foundations of adjacent buildings or eroding the opposite bank leading to collapse and possible total blockage of the brook.

Again due to the lack of joined up thinking, the proposed wall which appears to be 5ft high, is higher than, and does not join up to the next section of the wall on private ground.

The Town Council's proposed solution is to culvert the brook along this section, creating a market square and access to a small park on the opposite bank of the brook. This suggestion has met with fierce opposition from the residents whose properties would adjoin the park, and from the Environment Agency who have a policy of objecting to culverts.

A meeting is to be held later this week to begin the process of planning the replacement toilets, but it seems that due to what appears to be an incredible lack of momentum by Worcestershire County Council, the fundamental questions about the flood defences have yet to be met.