Monday, 21 February 2011

Should Parking Charges Apply in the Tenbury Wells Palmers Car Park

As Tenbury Town Council struggle to find the funds to pay numerous high energy bills for their portfolio of building, they are to discuss introducing parking fees at the Palmers Meadow Car Park.
Palmers Car Park is currently free and is used for long term parking by people working in Town and by people using the Swimming Pool complex, plus shoppers and visitors wishing the park without paying.

The car park is often full, especially now that the unofficial Cattle Market has been closed, and when there is a Rugby match, cars often clog the bus bays.

The Town Council transfer a percentage of the money raised each year from the precept into a resurfacing fund, but there will not be sufficient money saved before resurfacing is needed.  They also have to pay a large sum in rates.

Public discussion and views are welcome.

Regal Heating Shock

Once again Tenbury Town Councillors expressed shock by the size of the winter Electricity bill for the Regal, when it was revealed tonight. The bill is in excess of £4,600 for three months (about £50 a day)

Why this has come as a surprise, is in itself a surprise.  Since the massive bill last year that included winter 2009/10 heating, no remedial action has been taken.  As far as I can see, no remedial action has even been discussed (at least not on the record).

The Town Council made the decision to install an Electric Boiler (a decision that was discussed and agreed entirely in Private sessions) following the ruling that the oil fired boiler (which had only been installed after the floods) was unsafe.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Another bad week for the Advertiser?

After claiming last week that no Tenbury Councillors sat on the Northern Area Planning Committee, the Tenbury Advertiser have printed a retraction, and now say that four Councillors from Tenbury sit on the Committee.

When I first read this I though it must be an error, but in fact whilst Tenbury only has two District Councillors, two other Malvern Hills District Councillors live in the town.

Friday, 11 February 2011

Tenbury Goes Retro

Update: Tickets still available for Tonight (Friday 11th February 2011) Buy on the door. 

Tenbury has two forthcoming events looking back in time.

The first is the Tenbury and District Museum Society 1960's filmshow night of extracts from DVDs published by the Museum, made from films produced by George Kendrick, showing the local area in the 1960s,

They will be holding the filmshow in the Methodist Hall, Cross St, on Friday Feb 11th. Doors open 7.15pm for a 7.30pm start. Tickets (£5, including refreshments in the interval) will be available from Books Books Books.

The second is the Tenbury History Societies 1941 weekend in July 2011.

Full detail of the event can be found on 1941 Event Website.

A Bad Week for the Advertiser

Mistakes happen and when they do they often come in threes.  That seems to be what happened to this weeks Tenbury Advertiser.

Firstly a rather "large" spelling mistake in the front page headline.

Secondly the lead story claimed that "When the planning committee - which included no Tenbury members - made its decision"  No Tenbury members?  Who do they think Phil Grove and Tony Penn are?

Thirdly, last week the advertiser correctly stated that it's combined (Ludlow & Tenbury) circulation figures had dropped to just 4708, but this week they reverted back to the 2009 figure of 5192.

Perhaps they are a little ashamed that they now only sell 1,900 copies of the Tenbury Advertiser and a further 2808 of the Ludlow version.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

A new Dawn for Tenbury Town Council

Last night Tenbury Town Council endorsed the Town Clerk's proposals to greatly improve the recording and presentation of budgets and accounts.

For the first time it will now be possible for Councillors (and others) to fully understand where the Council spends it's (our) money and where it gets income.

This is something that I and others have been lobbying for, for many years.

The new Town Clerk who is really stamping her mark on the Council and is implementing so many improvements, should be congratulated on her major achievements so far.

The Councillors also agreed that a feasibility study and business plan be produced (by an independant theatre expert) with a view to transferring the day to day management of the Regal to a not for profit trust (whilst retaining ownership by the Town Council).

This is excellent news and if the plan shows it can be implemented it will make so much difference to the use and vitality of not just the Regal but the whole towns visitor economy.  It will also have a wide ranging effect on not only the Regal's finances but also that of the Town Council's.

Friday, 4 February 2011

Road Closure

The B4204 is still be closed for up to 10 hours a day for six weeks to allow for carriageway, curbing and drainage works.

As yet I haven't been able to ascertain which bits, when and where.  The closure notice is from Teme Street to Broadheath, but it seems unlikely that it will all be closed all the time without access to the many properties and several pubs.

Hopefully the County Councillor will be able to advise the Town Council of more details at their meeting on Monday.

Update: Cllr Pollock has confirmed that the road will be closed in short sections and local traffic should be able to find alternate "unofficial" diversion routes whilst an official HGV Diversion will be sign posted via the A456.

The Fence Returns

The long awaited fence around the children's playground on the Tenbury Wells Burgage has now been completed.

Although not part of the "grand plan" the The Tenbury Town Council were forced into a u-turn by public complaints that the lack of a fence around the playground was unsafe.

The return of the fence also means that the traditional Tenbury Car Boots sales and use by Tenbury Events for Applefest and the Food Fair can now be undertaken without the need to erect a temporary fence.

Cattle Market Car Park Closes

The Tenbury Cattle Market Car Park has once again been closed and this time it could be permanent.

Although not related to Tesco's failed planning application, it is believed that the site owner, William Chase has decided to close the car park due to the damage done by as yet unidentified "numpties" who lost control of a car in the snow and ice and hit one of the perimeter walls.

This unexpected expense along with the speculation that the old infirmary could be the target of an arson attack is believed to have led to Mr Chase's decision to board up the old building and close the car park.

The planning application to demolish this a several other buildings on site has now been turned down by the planning authority Malvern Hill District Council.