Wednesday, 11 November 2015


I hope that Tenbury isn't sleep walking into postal obscurity, but so far no one seems to be making much of a fuss.

Don't underestimate the effect that the closing of the Tenbury Postal sorting office could have on all of our lives.

Whether they admit it or not, outlying areas served by Ludlow and Kidderminster sorting office often don't get mail for days, then get several letters with differently dated post all at once.

One person said it was strange although she had the same postman as her daughter they never got post on the same day!

In Tenbury most addresses get a daily delivery and usually most addresses get their post by 10am.

If Tenbury sorting office closes, where will our Posties have to go to collect their mail?  I doubt Royal Mail could cope with WR post at a HR DY or a SY sorting office so that could mean our post comes from Worcester.

Not only could this mean a two hour round trip at the start of their shift, and then possibly another two hours at the end to return undelivered mail.

Also have you thought of the possibility that you will have to go to Worcester to collect mail that requires a signature that you weren't at home to sign on the first delivery attempt.

In Tenbury you can collect your missed item the same day, often within hours.  In other areas you have to wait at least 24 hours.

Parcelforce leave undelivered parcels at the Tenbury sorting office.  How useful will that be if they leave them in Worcester!

I urge everyone to contact Royal Mail, contact your MP and start making a fuss!

Harriett Baldwin in the Worcester News