Sunday, 25 November 2012

Tenbury on the brink again.

It looks like we might have had yet another lucky escape, and according to the EA website there is no current warning for Tenbury.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Fire at Tenbury Primary School

Ongoing incident at Tenbury Primary School. 2 Fire appliances in attendance. School appears to remain open. Hoses are deployed to the separate older building.

It seems the Fire was in the boys toilets.  That must be the least combustible area in the school so I'll leave you to draw your own conclusion.  There was also a Police presence at the school for several days after.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Tenbury News Round Up.

The reports of my demise are somewhat overstated but those of you who know me in real life will know I am somewhat busy elsewhere, but I did manage to get along to last nights Council meeting.


At long last a date has been fixed to start the drainage work in Teme Street and Market street. January 7th. The problems were identified after the last flood, with collapsed pipe work and in some cases rainwater drainage flowing into the foul sewer. The rather unpleasant whiff in hot weather confirms the problem! The works, which will continue for several weeks will be controlled by temporary traffic lights and will inevitably result in parking restrictions and traffic queues.


With increased pressure on the available parking spaces already being seen, the temporary loss of the cattle market, and a reduction in on-street parking will cause a major parking crisis. The Town Council are to set a parking working party to re-look at the possibility of creating more spaces.

Housing Development

Planning permission for additional housing along Oldwood road continue to exercise the concern of Cllrs, although for some reason they are all fixated on the idea that the development would lead to an increased flood risk. Why they are so set on this reason to object is strange as the analysis of the geological study and work by Hydrological Engineers proves otherwise. The site has a clay subsoil and is steeply banked. Therefore rain flows from the site now, at the same rate as it would if it was concreted. If there is development, an urban drainage plan will be implemented which will slow the run off of water or store it and release it slowly. So in fact any development would improve the flood risk. But I suppose some people don't want the facts to interfere in a good headline!

Parking Enforcement

Tenbury hasn't seen much in the way of parking enforcement in recent years, but suddenly wardens have been turning up in the dead of night and harvesting rich pickings. The elective representatives claim that they have no control over the wardens and that they are acting completely of their own volition. I'm sure no representative actually said, now the Regal is open and helping to improve Tenbury's night time economy pop over and ticket as many people as possible during the show, but neither did they say don't! Yes, parking is chargeable at night in the pay & display car park, and yes people should pay it, but heavy enforcement only on nights were they know their is a large audience is sneaky at the very least.