Monday, 29 September 2008


The Crisis Support Team, Evacuation training session scheduled for 20th September was cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.

I hear that despite some teething problems the team and their support network are doing some great work and have plans and procedures that are far more advanced than some District and County Councils.

Anyone wishing to have a live update should attend the Crisis Support Team meeting to be held on Monday 29th September 2008 at 7.30pm in the Pump Rooms, off Teme Street, Tenbury Wells.

Henceforth the Crisis Support Team will be know as CEST. Community Emergency Support Team who will operate the Community Emergency Support Plan.

Congratulations Sadie - President Elect

Sadie Chalkley the Tenbury Wells Chamber of Trade Chairman and Managing Director of Hardware & Houseware retailer, J G Banfield, is to become the first ever women President of the BHF (British Hardware Federation) in 2009.

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Town Council - Call on residents to lobby for Flood Action

Tenbury Town Council has taken the unprecedented step of issuing a press release stating its position with respect to the security of the town because it is concerned at the lack of action taken by the relevant authorities in respect of flood defences.

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Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Mamma Mia Returns

After it's extended sell out screening in August, the hit musical film is set to return to Tenbury in October as part of the Film Festival.

Full details are on the Regal (unofficial) website.

Tenbury's infamous water splash

One Tenbury Councillor has been campaigning for years to get Worcester County Council to solve this puddle problem.

The puddle appears after every shower, and cars then splash anyone unfortunate enough to be walking by.

For years the response from the County Councillor has been unhelpful suggestions such as "use the opposite pavement" (There isn't one) and it is a low priority.

Now Worcester County Council have promised to review the problem and see if funding can be found to resolve the problem once and for all.

Six months ago.

Tenbury standing by.

With heavy rain forecast for Thursday a temporary sandbag wall has been erected at the Market Street Wall Works.

This is try to stop water spilling from the Brook into Market Street should the heavy rain cause the waters to rise.

Sand Bag Volunteers Wanted

New Lease of Life for the Tenbury Regal

A study commissioned by the Tenbury Area Partnership is to propose the development of the Regal Cinema/Community Centre into a vibrant arts, heritage and cultural centre.

New facilities could provide opportunities for people of all ages to participate in sports, arts and recreational activities.

A well designed re-development of the site could provide a vibrant cultural centre with cross over facilities by combing meeting rooms and office space with a wide range of activities including museum facilities, events and exhibitions, gallery, whilst keeping and upgrading the existing Cinema and Theatre space.

It is hoped that £2M Grant funding from a variety of sources can make this plan a reality.

Market Street Wall - Progress

Day 57. We have a big hole. Compare that with the project at Nailsworth - Completed in 17 days.
(Click on link below)
Yes, I am the first to admit I am not a structural engineer or a hydro expert, but I just find the contrast interesting.

Monday, 8 September 2008

Town Council - Flood Action

The Tenbury Town Council are to issue a statement of condemnation regarding the Environment Agencies Flood report and their response to the Town Council's concerns.

It is almost certain that there will be no major flood defenses for Tenbury as we do not meet the qualifications set out by Central Government. Wortcester News Article

It may be possible to get funding for smaller projects. All suggestions should be sent to the Town Clerk or your local Councillor.

Flash flooding is not the responsibility of the EA, but drainage of surface water is the responsibility of the County Council. The Bog Lane area, which is the source of so many of Tenbury's flash flood problems is to be investigated by the CC this week and they will provide the TC with a interim report by Friday. The weather forecast indicates that Tenbury could be hit by more flooding this Thursday.

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Confused Reporting

Am I alone in wondering about the levels of inaccuracy in the reporting of the recent flood in Tenbury.

I missed most of the radio and TV reports, but was getting calls and messages from friends and family who expected to find us under water.

News even reached Sri lanka were Richard Burt issued a press release based on what he heard.

To read the 'flashes' coming up on the e-media and to read some of the reports in today's papers you have to start thinking that they must be talking about somewhere else.

At one point the BBC and others were claiming that Tenbury had been evacuated.

From the Times: "In Worcestershire, parts of Tenbury Wells town centre were evacuated and a refuge centre opened after the Kyre Brook broke its banks"

Sure the emergency centre at St Michael's was opened, but I'm not sure if anyone went there. If you live the other side of the Market Tavern you would have been out of luck anyway.

It is probably sensible to close the road to stop the wake from vehicles washing into shops, but the water was never deep enough to actually stop a car, unless driven by the most inept driver.

By closing the road so early, I wonder how much 'rat running' of country lanes caused more damage.

Reports that the A456 was closed continued well into Saturday night, but I spoke to several people who claimed it was still open.

Even as I write this (on Sunday afternoon) teletext still says
"A456, Tenbury Wells Road closed due to flooding both ways at A4112 Teme Street"

For Tenbury the EA flood warnings for the River Teme seems to have been correct, but some area's down stream flooded whilst still on Flood Watch. The system seems to have too few sensors to be very accurate. If we can't have defenses then at least give us a warning system that works, and extend it to the Brooks that are known to be prone to flooding.

Another Blogers View

As usual I welcome your comments.

Saturday, 6 September 2008

Flooding Down Stream

The Teme at Tenbury is fast flowing and high, but seems to have stopped rising. The water level was the same at 5pm as it was at 12.30pm.

Flooding has been reported down stream at Knightwick, but so far so good for Teme Street.

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Clee Hill - Roads Destroyed

Clee Hill may have taken the brunt of the heavy rain that fell locally.

A number of the smaller roads have been all but destroyed.

South Shropshire Council may have to review their policy of replacing fords with pipes run under the road.

Several of these piped culverts were overwhelmed and the water has ripped up the road surface and demolished railings and fences as it made its way down hill.

In one location, a brook appears to have changed course and is now flowing along a road, before plunging down a bank and across a field. The water was too deep and fast moving for me to get to the original watercourse.
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Lucky Escape

As Fire Crews clean the roads this morning, must shopkeepers appear to have had a lucky escape. The water in Market Street peaked mid-evening last night and only Caldicott Home Centre and The Little Fish Shop appear to have been flooded.
The town is not totally out of danger yet, as the Teme is still at a very high level. Last year the Teme broke it's banks three days after the flash flood washed through town.

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Call for SUDS

The latest Flood in Tenbury Wells is the second in less than 14 months to have been caused by rain water run off.

Rain falling on the ground above the town, rushes down the roads and ditches, overwhelming the drains and culverts.

This problem will be made worse in future by additional development already planned.

In addition to the calls to the Environment Agency for flood defences on the river Teme, Tenbury also needs SUDS.

SUDS or sustainable urban drainage schemes, (better known as catch ponds and ditches) delay the progress of the water and divert it into a holding area and then release it slowly so that the drains and culverts can cope with the volume.

If the appropriate schemes were installed in the fields above Bog Lane and in areas such as car parks, school playgrounds, and factory yards. I'm sure this would make a huge difference to the speed run-off water reaches the town centre.

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Friday, 5 September 2008

The Wall - The history according to me!

The original Market Street wall collapsed after flash flooding in July 2007. The sluice valves that should have allowed the water to escape into the brook had not been maintained and had rusted closed. With nowhere to go the pressure and weight of the water caused the wall to collapse.

Copyright Tenburyweb Lack of action by the local authorities in shoring up the bank meant that when the second flood followed a few days later, the wall foundations were undermined and the 'float foundation' of the newly refurbished toilets were washed out causing the toilets to subside.

Copyright TenburywebAlthough the toilets were not damaged, the local authorities decided that it would be easier and cheaper to demolish them rather than try to jack them up a save them.

Copyright TenburywebDue to the very strong construction of the toilets, heavy equipment was used to carryout the demolition which caused considerable further damage to the structure of the bank.

Copyright Tenburyweb Months of confusion followed as none of the authorities wanted to take responsibility for the site. The wall was the responsibility of the County Council as it protected the road. The toilets were the responsibility of the District Council. Anything affecting the water course is the responsibility of the Environment Agency, and the Town Council take a view on all things local.

Copyright Tenburyweb Finally after many delays including a plan to culvert the brook (which was against Environment Agency policy) and a replacement plan which meant the road would be closed for more than 6 months, effectively cutting Tenbury in two and more than likely to kill off the Town as a shopping destination, the County Council put the work out for tender.

More delays followed whilst contractors submitted their estimates and project plans.

Copyright TenburywebNow more than 12 months later the work to replace the wall has only just started. The work was expected to be completed by Christmas but this is now in doubt as the latest flood has washed away the wooden form-work and has more than likely made the site unstable. Depending on what has been washed away, there is a possibility that the road may have been further damaged.Market Street Wall Works Floods Sept 08 (Copyright Tenburyweb)Tenbury Wells was flooded three times in Summer 2007

25th June at approx. 18.00 hrs
17th July at approx. 14.45 hrs
20th July at approx. 18.00 hrs

and now September 5th at approx. 18.00 hrs

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What a difference 24 hours makes.

 Tenbury Mayor; Cllr Jones, Cllr Morgan and Town/District Councillor Penn take a break in their sandbag distribution to survey the damage. Tenbury Mayor; Cllr Jones, Cllr Morgan and Town/District Councillor Penn take a break in their sandbag distribution to survey the damage.

Less than 24 hours after their meeting with the Environment Agency, where it was confirmed that Tenbury would not be getting any flood defences, Town, District and County Councillors were out in force on the flooded streets of Tenbury.

The Tenbury Crisis Management Team and Plan were swung into action early this evening as it became clear that Kyre Brook would breach its banks.

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Avoidable Flood Hits Market Street

Tenbury Wells Market Street Floods Sept 08 (Copyright Tenburyweb)
Once again, Market Street in Tenbury Wells has flooded.

Several shops are awash with water just 14 months after the last flood. Run-off water rushed down the aptly named Bog Lane and made it's way into the Town Centre. This water immediately ran into the brook and away. (If the Flood Wall had been completed it would have exited via the sluice valves.)

Whites @ Clockhouse Tenbury Wells Floods Sept 2008 (Copyright Tenburyweb)
The problem has been caused by the delay in starting the wall. Rather than holding back the water as the brook level rose, it allowed the water to spill straight out into the road.

A combination of delays caused by the multi-agency involvement, and the Environment Agencies restriction on working on water course during the winter, (when the water in the brook rarely rises) meant that after more than 12 months work on the wall has barely started.
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Emergency Services arrive in force.

Police, Fire & Rescue Services, County Council Staff and Environment Agency Staff all descended on Tenbury Wells this afternoon after Kyre Brook breached its bank at the Market Street Wall Works and flooded premises in Market Street and threatened to Flood Cellars in Teme Street.

Pump 1
Callsign - Five Three One
Model - Dennis Rapier MK1
Registration Number - L293 UWP
Rescue Pump
Callsign - Five Three Two
Model - Dennis Sabre
Registration Number - VX53 JEU
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Click here for Tenbury Fire & Rescue Website

Tenbury holds its breath

By 5 pm this afternoon Kyre Brook was within inches of bursting its banks at the Market Street wall work.

Market Street Wall Works Floods Sept 08 (Copyright Tenburyweb)Local residents report that the wooden formwork had already been washed away.

Shop keepers in Market Street were busily removing stock and lifting items onto higher shelves. Flood Boards were in place backed up by sand bags.

Further down the Kyre water had already spilled out onto the footpath.

Taken at 5pm
Taken at 7.30pm
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Floods Hit Burford (Tenbury Wells)

Heavy rain on Clee Hill this afternoon caused heavy run-off flooding in Burford. All the businesses along Boraston Lane were busy sweeping out flood waters.
Residents in Stanbrook Road were using sandbags in a attempt to hold back the tide of muddy water.
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