Friday, 1 September 2017

Barclays to close Tenbury Branch

Barclays Bank are to close Tenbury branch on Friday 8th December 2017.

This decision is of probably little surprise the anyone who has tried to use the branch in recent years, with all but the very basic transactions unavailable at the branch.

The biggest impact is probably for business customers who wish to pay in cash on a regular basis. 

With cash machines available at Tesco, Co-op, Bowketts and TSB, and cash-back being offered by all the major retailers, the impact should be minimal to most customers.

Friday, 5 May 2017

Conservatives retain Worcester County Council

With 47/57 seats declared it is clear that Worcester County Council will be Conservative controlled.

Ken Pollock retains Tenbury

Ken Pollock has once again retained Tenbury Ward for the Conservatives in the County Council Elections.
May 2017 Results (37% Turnout)

Ken gained one more vote than in the 2009 election but his percentage rose from 44% to 60.7% due to the low turn out of just 37%

Tenbury resident Jonathan Morgan increased his vote from 176 (4.37%) in 2009 (standing as an Independent) to 551 (18.68%) in 2017 as a Labour candidate.

2013 Results (31% Turnout)

2009 Results (50% Turnout)

Phil Grove retains Hallow

Phil Grove, who lives in Tenbury Wells and is one of the two District Councillors, has retained his seat on Worcester County Council by winning the Hallow Ward where the turn out was a disappointing 37%.

Thursday, 27 April 2017

Tesco opens in Tenbury at last!

Some eight and a half years after the first soil samples were taken, the gleaming new Tesco store was opened this morning by the Tenbury Mayor, Mark Willis.

With Mark, is the Store Manager, Dave Ashton, representatives from the Adam Millichip Foundation and the Tenbury Town Band who each were donated cheques for £500, Lilly from Burford Primary who designed the shopping bags being presented today to shoppers, and various Tesco Managers and Customer Service Assistants.

The shop has been busy since it opened its doors at 8am this morning, and whilst the car park was often almost filled to capacity, there was a good turn over so (when I was there) there was no queuing.

Saturday, 1 April 2017

Tesco to deploy AFRC at Tenbury

Tesco already use ANPR Automatic Number Plate Recognition to help control their car parks, but in Tenbury they have gone one step further and have installed ACFR Automatic Customer Face Recognition. This system links into a database of names and faces collated from sources such as Facebook, Twitter etc.

Spokesperson Aprilla Uno said we want to be able to help our colleagues recognise loyal customers and greet them by name".

Tesco have declined to comment on the speculation that this system will enable staff to spot people entering the store who were part of the No Tesco campaign.

Thursday, 9 February 2017


Reposted from the Teme Valley Times facebook page.

Tesco have confirmed the planned opening date of the Tenbury store. Jessica Walker, Local Communications Manager, said “Due to delays in completion of highways work, we have made the decision to move the store opening date back to Thursday 27th April."

Also from the advertiser

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Tenbury Hospital - Reduction in Service

The Minor Injuries unit had it's hours reduced last year from 24/7 to 12/7.  This year it has been closed on a number of occasions as the staff have been transferred to assist at the Royal in Worcester.  Locally concern has been raised that like the "temporary" closure of the operating theatre which never reopened this temporary closure could set a precedent.

Tenbury Hospital plays a vital role in the local community and should be protected from the counties bean counters.

Read what is being suggested and have your say in the review of the Health and car services by completing the survey at

It was very disappointing that the road-show promoting this was not advertised at all when it came to Tenbury and that there isn't a tick box on the survey to say that you are a resident of Tenbury!

If you get a paper copy of the survey, a number of the responses seem to have "strongly agree" listed twice and "strongly disagree" is missing! or perhaps the way it was designed?