Friday, 15 November 2013

A Very Rare Sight

It seems that once again a number of businesses in Tenbury are playing "musical chairs".

Buttons, Books & Bangles are leaving their "Old Forge" site.  The Little Dress Shop is moving from Teme Street to Market Street and there is "moving in" action in the old Flower Shop.

The old Dyke Ruscoe shop has become the Charity Christmas Card shop. The recent Books Books Books shop becomes a "pop up" shop for the Mistletoe Festival.

But the rarest sighting of all must be a car actually pulling in at the Teme Street Garage. It's certainly the first time I've seen that happen ever!

The passing lady on the mobility scooter was so surprised I thought she might wipe out the row of Santa's.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Charging rumpus at The Regal in Tenbury

You may have see the headline article in the Tenbury Advertiser (Click to read)

Visit the news section of the Regal Trust website to see the full details.

Let me know what you think.

Monday, 5 August 2013

Clever Con @O2

Is it just me (and four others) that have suddenly found that there is no longer any 3G signal in Tenbury, in fact often no 2G signal either?

Until a few weeks ago, I was able to get an EDGE data signal and a strong "4 bars" phone signal.

Then, almost nothing.

Complaints to O2 get returned as nothing wrong here!  Their website now shows that Tenbury only gets a 2G signal, so they are supplying what they are advertising!

I cannot categorically say what their website used to say, but I've been with their network for many years and apart from the odd engineering fault had a good service.  Now I struggle to make a call outdoors.

Anyone else having problems?

Any recommendations where to try next?

Update: 11th August

It seems that EDGE travels by 2G, so the map is probably correct.  Also the local transmitter has come back online. (Officially it never went off!) My phone is now picking up the EDGE signal and once again knows I'm in Tenbury not Woofferton (the next nearest mast)

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

The Church of England is in crisis

An interesting article in

Featurng Tenbury's own Rev Claire Lording and a picture of George as well.

Worth a few minutes read.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Public Realm - Shared Space - Tried & Tested

The public realm scheme for Tenbury is still limping along in the background.  Much of the delay is due to Tesco's delay in starting their project, but there is also no firm decision on the concept of shared space.

It would seem that many of the traders and the vocal public are against the concept.  I too have my doubts that such a scheme can be used on a relatively busy road.

However the video below, goes a long way to alleviating my doubts.  It's quite long, but worth watching to the end.
Let me know what you think.

Friday, 5 April 2013

A "must see" drama at the Regal.

Anyone who saw last years production "Much ado about Wenlock" at St Michael's Village Hall, will already know what an excellent show this is likely to be.

If you didn't see it you missed a treat, so don't miss this one!

The Regal Tenbury presents Finding Joy

A comic, anarchic, touching and heroic full mask adventure

Thursday 11th April 2013 Doors 6.30pm Show 7.30pm

What’s the show about? Finding Joy tells the story of Joy Wilson, a funny and gentle 80-something, and her grandson Danny, a teenager who’s going off the rails. When Joy starts to finds it hard to remember things, Danny decides he will care for her. Together, they discover a shared playfulness and a mutual affection. But is that enough to take on the challenges ahead?

Finding Joy is about memory, ageing, love, and - of course - about Joy!

You’re unlikely to have seen anything like a Vamos Theatre show: it is full mask theatre with no words, the story told through clever visual performance and a vibrant original soundtrack. It is wonderfully accessible, unashamedly nostalgic, and very, very playful.

Finding Joy is set in the 1930s, the 1950s and the present day, and performed on a quirky and intricate set that’s full of surprises.

Who is presenting it? Vamos Theatre is one of only a few companies in the UK specialising in full mask theatre. They devise and tour accessible, humorous and fearless work which showcases the best in full mask performance.

A Vamos production brims with visual inventiveness, music, puppetry, dexterity and hilarity, and is guaranteed to charm and entertain. Who will like it? Finding Joy is a very accessible piece of theatre that most audiences will enjoy.

The subject matter makes it most suitable for those over 12 years. There are audiences who may particularly enjoy Finding Joy including: Young people, especially teenagers Elders Family audiences with older children (12+)

Full reviews and comments can be found at Tickets are on sale from the Regal Box Office priced at £14 (£12 Concessions)

Telephone: 01584 811442

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Barry Cryer in fall at the Regal

Barry Cryer fell about 4 feet from the side of the stage at the Tenbury Regal tonight after misjudging the exit into the wings.

The audience gasped and then fell completely silent as they saw him fall.  One of the first to react after the accident was a nurse who was in the audience and who stayed with Barry until he had been attended, first by the local first responder and then by a paramedic.

Thankfully, he only sustained a cut to his hand, but was understandably very shocked.

Initially he wanted to continue with the show, but was persuaded to rest and not attempt to continue.

The audience applauded loudly as the announcement was made as they were in agreement with the decision.

When Barry finally left the theatre he was laughing and joking and promised that a return date would be arranged, so that he could come back and finish the show.

Up until the time of the accident, Barry was on fine form, and had been performing his butterfly brain, alphabetical, hypothetical journey from A to Z, with Colin Sell at the piano. or as he put it the P & O!

The Regal Management have said that they will contact everyone in the audience about the new show once a date has been arranged.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Tesco Delayed Again

Work on the new Tesco store in Tenbury Wells has been delayed until 2014. The store is likely to open by end of Tesco 2015, although this date is still rather vague and could be as late as February 2016.

Whether this delayed timetable will impact the planned public realm work is, as yet unclear.

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Funding Sought For Tenbury Flood Defence

Harriett Baldwin MP has asked the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs to find flood defence funding for Tenbury Wells. She is hoping that Tenbury will receive about £5m from £120m funding for flood defences announced by the government in November.

Ms Baldwin said: "Upton's schemes have passed some rigorous testing over the last few weeks and I am told that savings delivered for insurers means that the investment has paid for itself twice over already." "All eyes now turn to Tenbury where we need to find a permanent solution and I have asked the department to look at ways we can find funding for this scheme in 2013"
Church Yard - Tenbury Wells
Hopefully, once the funding agreement is in place, the action plan will be significantly revised from the outline plan published sometime ago. This involved huge lengths of permanant earth bunds.

This is how a Horsham Cllr reacted when a landowner created a bund on his land.
“The bund has to be seen to be believed. It is an outrageous scar on the landscape, both from the road and on the site."
and another said
"“The bunds are incongruous and an unnatural feature, many hundreds of metres in length. The land should be put back to where it was."
Yet, seemingly no one locally has any objection to huge earthworks behind the Church or across the Burgage?  I can understand that people don't want their family graves flooded or their properties, but must the town suffer the addition of these permanent unnatural features?