Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Tenbury Wells Tourist Information Centre

Question 1. On which day of the week do most visitors come to Tenbury?

Answer: Saturday

Question 2. On which day of the week do MHDC hold most (all?) the Tenbury Wells Festivals?

Answer: Saturday

Question 3. On which day of the week does the Tenbury Wells Tourist Information Centre shut early?

Answer: Saturday!

Monday, 28 April 2008

Tenbury WHUB - 20K under budget

The banner headline story in the Tenbury Wells Advertiser on 19th April read "Information hub open - 20k under budget.

The article went on to inform that the £260,000 project was delivered £20,000 under budget.

What it didn't say was that large parts of the project were scrapped because the project was running over budget! If all the planned work had been done then the project would have caused a massive overspend.

So what did the money actually buy?

* A couple of very small meeting rooms
* A lift
* The moving of a partition wall
* A reduction in the available library space

Is this best value? Is this really an asset?

Is it any wonder that people have such little regard for their Council.

And it still closes on Wednesday!

Friday, 25 April 2008

High & Dry in Tenbury Wells

An excellent article in the Birmingham Post

Please read the article and place your vote. We need more positive coverage for Tenbury Wells to encourage visitors to return and keep the town alive.

Monday, 7 April 2008

Under New Management

The historic Tenbury Wells Pump Rooms will be reopened (again) on Monday May 5th following the transfer of responsibility from Malvern Hills District Council to Tenbury Wells Town Council.

Town Council blamed for wall delay.

Three months to the day after I wrote to the Town Council to say that the Environment Agency would not accept their proposal to culvert Kyre Brook, it was finally confirmed at tonight's meeting that the idea would now be dropped.

The WCC Engineer who addressed tonight's meeting claimed that had it not been for the insistence by the Town Council that they pursue this idea, the replacement wall would now be in place.

WCCs remit is to build a wall to support the highway, and flood defences are the responsibility of the Environment Agency. WCC have therefore not undertaken any flood modelling or flow rate monitorin, as they do not require this data to replace the wall. The Environment Agency have recommended that WCC rebuild the wall to a height slightly higher than last years maximum flood level, but no thought seems to have been given to where the water will go, or to the fact that the new wall will join a lower wall, thereby cancelling out any flood defence benefits.

WCC have just appointed new contractors for all engineering work and will now be submitting the plans to these contractors for comments and estimates. It is unlikely that the work will now commence before July.

Councillors at tonight's meeting expressed surprise that as they have do not have sufficient technical qualifications or knowledge to know if the proposed scheme is technically correct, that WCC were waiting for them to sign off the project.

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