Thursday, 28 July 2011

Inspired genius or deluded lunacy?

The new issue of the Teme Valley Times (available now from the usual stockists) seems set to split opinion around town.

Whether the new Tenbury Futures ideas are inspired genius or deluded lunacy, you will have to decide for yourself.

Personally I think many of the ideas are great, no harm in 'blue skies thinking' but the chances of them being implemented are as slim as me retiring on a full pension.

What better, than have our ancient monument of a bridge serve out it's days as a footbridge, but (& I'm only guessing) the Fire Station was built with a yard for a reason, the two houses who will loose their garden would have to be compensated and isn't the turn from the Cattle Market rather tight for that volume of traffic. After all protesters claim it is too tight for the volume of traffic likely to visit Tesco. 

I know the graphic is labelled not to scale, and so it might be.  The area that is now the Spar loading bay seems to have moved, and the area between Sal's Den and Temeside House increased.

It is a great shame that these suggestions have come so late in the day.  The money and plan to refurbish the bridge is on target, and the money and plan to improve the public realm in nearly in place.  I cannot see WCC halting everything at the 11th hour and starting again with years of planning and undertaking all various compulsory purchases necessary for the scheme.

Far better perhaps, to go ahead and repair the bridge.  Much of the work would have to be done anyway even to allow its safe operation as a footbridge.  Then perhaps, we can start the decades of lobbying required to get a bypass if indeed that is what people want.  One word of caution though, a bypass is great for diverting unwanted traffic away from the Town Centre, but the unexpected consequence can often be that the "wanted" traffic also takes the easy option and shoppers go elsewhere. (Yes I know the Futures idea is for the new road to link back into town)

Tenbury Advertiser 28th July 2011

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Tenbury Teme Bridge Closure

The planned closure of the Teme Bridge will be one of the greatest challenges that have faced Tenbury in recent years.  Even the flooding and the subsequent recovery time, may measure lower on the scale of effect.

There is no doubt that sooner or later the work will have to be done, and a planned approach is likely to be less disruptive than an "emergency response".

These are some links about the closure.

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Friday, 22 July 2011

Tesco Tenbury - Why Permission Was Refused

Click here for the full text of the original post from January 2010

I have relisted below the reasons why the last application was refused. Remember, permission can only be refused on planning grounds and NOT because you don't like Tesco or would prefer plan B.

If I have understood the situation correctly Tesco agreed with these reasons, which is why they decided to reapply and not appeal.

1. The detailed design, general massing and site layout of the proposed store would not make a positive contribution to the character and local distinctiveness of the Tenbury Wells Conservation Area, and would result in the demolition of a valuable building of local interest in the conservation area, contrary to Policy HE7.5 of PPS5, Policy CTC19 of the Worcestershire County Structure Plan and Policies QL7 and QL8 of the Malvern Hills District Local Plan.

2. The design of the proposed car park and its relationship to the River Teme does not sustain and enhance the significance of the Tenbury Wells Conservation Area, the River Teme and the Riverside walk and does not constitute a positive role in place shaping contrary to Policy HE7.4 of PPS5, Policy CTC19 of the Worcestershire County Structure Plan and policy QL7 and QL9 of the Malvern Hills District Local Plan.

3. The proposed car parking area adjacent to the boundary of the Old Firestation and Temeside House is harmfull to the setting of the grade II listed buildings, detracting from their significance as heritage assetts, and is likely to damage the buildings economic vitality now, or in the future contrary to Policy HE10 of PPS5, Policy CTC19 of the Worcestershire County Structure Plan and Policy QL13 of the Malvern Hills District Local Plan.

4. In the absence of a Section 106 Agreement in respect of highway and sustainability measures which include the provision of a local bus service, a contribution to public realm works and monitoring of the junction of the A4112/A456, the level of car parking proposed on the site and traffic generated by the proposal would result in vehicles associated with the development parking within the public highway, which would restrict the free flow of traffic to the detriment of highway safety, contrary to Policy DS3 of the Malvern Hills District Plan.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Tenbury Tesco - New Plan Validated

Revised Post 21/7/11

It seems that MHDC have not validated the new Tenbury Tesco application.  Usually when copies arrive in Town they are validated, but I'm informed by a BBC journalist that Malvern hope to get the plan validated this week.

A copy is available to view in the Town Council's office and at library.

The documents will become available on-line on the MHDC planning site in the next few days.

Monday, 11 July 2011

Tesco Tenbury - New Application Expected Soon

Tesco are expected to make a new application to MHDC within the next few weeks.

Their "Version 3" plan is expected to feature a mostly glazed structure with wooden detailing.  The store will sit back slightly further on the site to allow room for a "Market Space" which could be used for market stalls, for instance during the Mistletoe festival.  It could also be a mustering place for the various Tenbury Parades.

Some of the glazed panels in the lobby area will feature detailing by a local artist influenced by the Orchards & Hop Gardens of the Teme Valley.  

The outline of the Old Infirmary, that will need to be demolished to make way for the store, may be shown in brick set into the tarmac, whilst other glass panels reflect the building that is no longer there.

The plan still only includes about 100 parking spaces.

Tesco hope that the store will open in time for Christmas 2012.

Monday, 4 July 2011

Teme Bridge - Mayor's pronouncement,

Click to enlarge.
The final plans are still to be completed, but the plan at the moment is to install a concrete slab across the entire width of the bridge to spread the load equally.  A pavement will be installed on one side only, with a narrow protective strip on the other to protect the railings.  This will allow the carriageway to be widened slightly.

As much work as possible will be done before the closure and off-site. The installation of a temporary road bridge has been ruled out.