Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Tesco Tenbury

Tesco's are working in partnership with Chase Tenbury LLP and developers Bilmor Land Limited to submit a planning application for a store on the Old Cattle Market site.

The 20,000 sq foot store will also have 94 car parking spaces and create 180 Jobs.

The store would be predominantly for food retailing and would have an in-store bakery and fish, deli and hot chicken counters.

Richard Burt, Liberal Democrat West Worcestershire candidate, has called a public meeting at 7pm in the Tenbury Community Centre on Wednesday 5th May.

As at noon on 4th May MHDC still haven't received the planning application. A Tesco spokesman said that he expected the plans to be delivered sometime this week. (w/c 3/5/10)

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Highways Agency back the BNP?

Are the Highways Agency backing the BNP?

As any event organiser who has tried to put up a poster on the A49 will know, the Highways Agency seem to be able to find and remove the poster within hours if not minutes.

So it is strange that the BNP have adorned the lampposts in Craven Arms with impunity.

Perhaps there is a moratorium for election posters?

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Choice of Five

The voters of Tenbury are set to choose from 5 candidates in the forthcoming general election.

This election looks to be a close run thing, but locally it is likely to come down to two likely results.

Will the orange glow of the towns outshine the blue glow of the countryside?

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Great "SUDS"

Plans were unveiled this week for the new low cost social housing development in Tenbury Wells this week.

The development planned for a site of Old Wood Road, has been several years in the planning as there has been concern locally that any development would put additional strain on the already problematical stream that is piped under Bog Lane.

The developers have utilised rainwater harvesting that will be used to provide a water supply to flush toilets etc. There is also two levels of SUDS "Sustained Urban Drainage Solutions" to prevent storm water rushing off the hard surfaces and flooding the valley.

The first line of defense is an over large drainage pipe system that stores water under the roadways to the once in thirty year heavy rain event level, the second is large underground storage tanks calculated to be sufficient to store water from a one in (over) one hundred year event. Each storage system then discharges through a flow regulator that releases water slower than had it fallen the un-developed land.

There will be a mixture of housing on site from two bedroomed flats, to bungalows and larger houses. Some will be for rent, other part buy, part rent. Preference will be given to people with a strong Tenbury link.

The challenge now if for more jobs to be created locally so that people who have been dispersed due to the lack of local low cost housing and want to return to Tenbury can find employment as well as housing.