Thursday, 3 January 2013

Funding Sought For Tenbury Flood Defence

Harriett Baldwin MP has asked the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs to find flood defence funding for Tenbury Wells. She is hoping that Tenbury will receive about £5m from £120m funding for flood defences announced by the government in November.

Ms Baldwin said: "Upton's schemes have passed some rigorous testing over the last few weeks and I am told that savings delivered for insurers means that the investment has paid for itself twice over already." "All eyes now turn to Tenbury where we need to find a permanent solution and I have asked the department to look at ways we can find funding for this scheme in 2013"
Church Yard - Tenbury Wells
Hopefully, once the funding agreement is in place, the action plan will be significantly revised from the outline plan published sometime ago. This involved huge lengths of permanant earth bunds.

This is how a Horsham Cllr reacted when a landowner created a bund on his land.
“The bund has to be seen to be believed. It is an outrageous scar on the landscape, both from the road and on the site."
and another said
"“The bunds are incongruous and an unnatural feature, many hundreds of metres in length. The land should be put back to where it was."
Yet, seemingly no one locally has any objection to huge earthworks behind the Church or across the Burgage?  I can understand that people don't want their family graves flooded or their properties, but must the town suffer the addition of these permanent unnatural features?