Tuesday, 4 September 2007

£378,000 for MHDC. How much for Tenbury?

ADVANTAGE West Midlands is to provide Malvern Hills District Council with £178,000 to help the clean up effort after flooding in Tenbury and Upton.

MHDC will receive a further £200,000 from £6.2 million made available for 36 local authorities by the Government as part of a flood recovery package.

Perhaps with all this extra money the MHDC can reconsider allowing free parking in Tenbury Car Park whilst the on-street parking spaces are all being used by Builders,Shopfitters and other Flood Restoration companies.Last I heard the Council Spokesman said that Car Parks were a vital source of income for the Council. Well the Tenbury one does 'take' £1500 a month, but in the scope of things, the loss of this income for a few months is hardly likely to make the Council go bust!

Knowing how money grabbing MHDC are, and how they have little or no regard for Tenbury, I wonder how much of this money will reach the intended destination. I hope the Auditors will be watching!


Anonymous said...

why are u so critical of everything involving tenbury wells
you r so negitive
tenbury do not need people like you
so piss off where u came from

Anonymous said...

tenbury does not need morons like you