Monday, 17 September 2007

Tenbury Wells Market Street

The decision to demolish the Victorian Toilets took only a few days, the demolition only a few hours, but it seems even to start stabilising the site is taking months.

At the moment the brook is just inches deep. Why is nothing happening? At the very least the remaining rubble and other rubbish could be cleared. In a few weeks, the water could be too deep to allow work to be done. If we have heavy rain, then the road could be washed away.

Surely some remedial work can be done now!

Tenbury Biomass Project

The Tenbury Biomass Project seems to have gone very quiet.

The official website still says "The Planning Application will be submitted in May 2007 for a determination over the following few months. Subject to determination, construction will start in late 2007 for completion in 2008."

May is now a distant memory. Perhaps so is the project?

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

£378,000 for MHDC. How much for Tenbury?

ADVANTAGE West Midlands is to provide Malvern Hills District Council with £178,000 to help the clean up effort after flooding in Tenbury and Upton.

MHDC will receive a further £200,000 from £6.2 million made available for 36 local authorities by the Government as part of a flood recovery package.

Perhaps with all this extra money the MHDC can reconsider allowing free parking in Tenbury Car Park whilst the on-street parking spaces are all being used by Builders,Shopfitters and other Flood Restoration companies.Last I heard the Council Spokesman said that Car Parks were a vital source of income for the Council. Well the Tenbury one does 'take' £1500 a month, but in the scope of things, the loss of this income for a few months is hardly likely to make the Council go bust!

Knowing how money grabbing MHDC are, and how they have little or no regard for Tenbury, I wonder how much of this money will reach the intended destination. I hope the Auditors will be watching!