Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Wall work finished?

Worcester County Council promised that work on the replacement wall in Market Street would be completed by Christmas. Well depending on your definition of completed then after 163 days it possibly is!


Anonymous said...

fair play to the contractors they done a good job
if you notice there is work now in place at the hairdressers different contractors

Emily T said...

Saw the (unfinished) wall when I was visiting parents over the holidays. I was wondering whether all the big tubes along the bottom were to let water out or in!

At least they've done *something* now though!

@WR15 said...

The "big tubes" are to let water out into the brook in the event of another flash flood. They have non return valves on the brook side of the wall so water shouldn't be able to flow from the brook to the street.

The original wall also had similar valves but they had rusted shut through lack of maintenance!