Friday, 4 February 2011

Road Closure

The B4204 is still be closed for up to 10 hours a day for six weeks to allow for carriageway, curbing and drainage works.

As yet I haven't been able to ascertain which bits, when and where.  The closure notice is from Teme Street to Broadheath, but it seems unlikely that it will all be closed all the time without access to the many properties and several pubs.

Hopefully the County Councillor will be able to advise the Town Council of more details at their meeting on Monday.

Update: Cllr Pollock has confirmed that the road will be closed in short sections and local traffic should be able to find alternate "unofficial" diversion routes whilst an official HGV Diversion will be sign posted via the A456.


Anonymous said...

So what if your property is in the section of road that is closed are they going to allow you access to it

Anonymous said...

They can't stop you having access they got to let you in but you may have to make detour to go round to other way in.

Anonymous said...

They have stopped people having access from the Clifton side, turning a one-mile drive into eight miles

Anonymous said...

as long they give you access into one side they aren't breaking any laws.

Anonymous said...

well what a shambles the time that they have spent doing the bits and drabs that they have done they may of well resurfaced the hole road they have missed some quite nasty pot holes which you would of thought that would of been filled in i hope they do a better job in tenbury when they do the main streets