Sunday, 29 April 2012

River Teme at Tenbury

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Bumblebee said...

I get the feeling that the river's going to keep on rising for a good few hours yet (7.30pm sun 29th).. It'd be interesting to see what the EA. measurements show a little later..

Anonymous said...

Latest Update from 10pm update on EA website:

"At 9:45pm today; the level at the Tenbury Gauge was 3.44 metres and rising. A peak level of between 3.5 and 3.6 metres is expected to occur tomorrow morning."

"This message will be updated at 8:00 am."

We are watching the river level very closely at the moment, between 7pm and 9pm the river rose 18". We are checking again at 11pm, to see what change there is.

Anonymous said...

Just got back from having another look at the river.

Between 9pm and 11pm it has gone up about 6".

Anonymous said...

Get Tesco to pay for flood defences .

Anonymous said...

tesco would have done the flood defences by now if the stupid council had let them in when they first applied, oh dear

Anonymous said...

I was down the river again this morning at just before 6am, and it had gone up 6" since my 11pm visit.

I'm no expert on flood defences, but I'm not convinced how effective they would be unless they were installed in the Bridge Hotel car park.

From memory, at the start of the flooding, I recall the water being backed up by the arches of the bridge, resulting in the water coming through the bridge car park into the town.

That's how it appeared to me anyway, as I was there at the time.

@WR15 said...

Under the new S106 rules Tesco couldn't be asked to pay for any flood defences other than those already included in the site scheme.

I'm not convinced be the flood defence scheme as currently planned.

Do we really want the Town surrounded by a wall like the one behind the new toilets? or earth bunds of the same height across the Burgage?

Mr Flooddefence said...

Tesco wasn't putting in flood defences for the town, they are only putting in flood defences to protect their own store, they don't care about the rest of the town

Anonymous said...

On that basis there are a 100 other businesses that dont care about Tenbury as they are not paying for flood defences either!!!

Anonymous said...

whatever you obviously didnt want tesco to come to tenbury oh well hard luck cause they are. they will be good for the town at the moment it is a ghost town needs tesco too boost it up

Bumblebee said...

This Tesco thing's just going to rumble on isn't it? Inevitable given the level of opposition locally I guess.

If it makes you feel better then keep thinking that they're fluffy, 'community-focussed' and only have the town's wellbeing at heart, etc, etc..

The reality of course is that they're a hard-nosed business at the end of the day (and one not doing as well as they were - to their great frustration). They'll spend only as much as they absolutely have to on the CM site and not a penny more. If they could have got in without throwing around monies on additional sweeteners to the various councils then I'm sure they'd be even happier.

They've put in something on their plans for their own potential car park re floods but don't be lulled into thinking they give a monkeys (why should they?) for the rest of the town - be it with flooding or otherwise..

They want the lion's share of the town's trade and and this plan is both a tried and tested formula and a ruthlessly efficient vehicle to achieve that end.