Saturday, 16 February 2013

Barry Cryer in fall at the Regal

Barry Cryer fell about 4 feet from the side of the stage at the Tenbury Regal tonight after misjudging the exit into the wings.

The audience gasped and then fell completely silent as they saw him fall.  One of the first to react after the accident was a nurse who was in the audience and who stayed with Barry until he had been attended, first by the local first responder and then by a paramedic.

Thankfully, he only sustained a cut to his hand, but was understandably very shocked.

Initially he wanted to continue with the show, but was persuaded to rest and not attempt to continue.

The audience applauded loudly as the announcement was made as they were in agreement with the decision.

When Barry finally left the theatre he was laughing and joking and promised that a return date would be arranged, so that he could come back and finish the show.

Up until the time of the accident, Barry was on fine form, and had been performing his butterfly brain, alphabetical, hypothetical journey from A to Z, with Colin Sell at the piano. or as he put it the P & O!

The Regal Management have said that they will contact everyone in the audience about the new show once a date has been arranged.


RichTea said...

I hope the Regal is insured for this sort of incident.

Ian said...

Certain to have (must have by law!) public liability insurance.