Thursday, 11 February 2016

Tenbury finally gets a modern recyling centre

Back in January 2009 I first highlighted the need to move forward on a new Household Recycling Centre for Tenbury.

Now after years of date sliding, excuses and general lack of progress, the site is finally ready to open next week.

Severn Waste managed to sit on the money paid to them under the WCC contract since 1998.
Under the contract agreed by Severn Waste Management signed in 1998, they are obliged to build and manage a new waste site for Tenbury Wells to replace the old fashioned and unsuitable site currently located on the Town Car Park.
Let's hope they have put the 18 years of interest on the money to good use.

Tenbury finally gets back the much needed additional car parking spaces and the majority of people will be able to recycle more, with less effort.  If you are one of the people who used to walk your waste to the old site in a wheel barrow, then I guess you'll not be happy, but most people will, I'm sure be greatly relieved not to continue climbing the metal stairs!

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