Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Tenbury Hospital - Reduction in Service

The Minor Injuries unit had it's hours reduced last year from 24/7 to 12/7.  This year it has been closed on a number of occasions as the staff have been transferred to assist at the Royal in Worcester.  Locally concern has been raised that like the "temporary" closure of the operating theatre which never reopened this temporary closure could set a precedent.

Tenbury Hospital plays a vital role in the local community and should be protected from the counties bean counters.

Read what is being suggested and have your say in the review of the Health and car services by completing the survey at http://www.hacw.nhs.uk/yourconversation/

It was very disappointing that the road-show promoting this was not advertised at all when it came to Tenbury and that there isn't a tick box on the survey to say that you are a resident of Tenbury!

If you get a paper copy of the survey, a number of the responses seem to have "strongly agree" listed twice and "strongly disagree" is missing! or perhaps the way it was designed?


Cllr Dr Ken Pollock said...

I resisted the night closure of the MIU last year and deprecate the recent closures to allow staff to be re-deployed.
Please note this is NOT the action of the County Council but the decision of the Acute Hospital Trust in conjunction with the Clinical Commissioning Group.
Please join the fight to keep the Tenbury Hospital open and fully functioning.
Cllr Ken Pollock, Tenbury Division, Worcestershire County Council

Ian W said...

Tenbury has now been added to the list of places in "Where do you live?".