Saturday, 1 April 2017

Tesco to deploy AFRC at Tenbury

Tesco already use ANPR Automatic Number Plate Recognition to help control their car parks, but in Tenbury they have gone one step further and have installed ACFR Automatic Customer Face Recognition. This system links into a database of names and faces collated from sources such as Facebook, Twitter etc.

Spokesperson Aprilla Uno said we want to be able to help our colleagues recognise loyal customers and greet them by name".

Tesco have declined to comment on the speculation that this system will enable staff to spot people entering the store who were part of the No Tesco campaign.


Anonymous said...

Sinister, or what. Probably, also breaches human rights to a private life. Big brother in Tenbury, perhaps we should all go in wearing balaclavas, or better still burkas and then we can claim to be expressing our religious rights

Anonymous said...

Oh, just spotted, what an April fool I am!!!!!!!!!!