Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Temporary Traffic Lights - Market Street

I guess they are necessary as the contractors have weakened the road so much when they demolished the toilet block, but because of the way they are phased traffic is often queued back to the high school. (Thank goodness it's the school holidays or I might not be able to leave home until lunchtime!)

Unfortunately for the lunatics that seem to be running the asylum at the moment, traffic flow in Tenbury is NOT consistent. We do not get 33.3% from across the brook, 33.3% from along Teme Street and 33.3% from Market Square.

We get peaks and troughs, ebbs and flows.

How long do our esteemed leaders think it will be before they can do something constructive to repair the situation. They acted with uncommon and obscene haste to destroy the toilets, perhaps they can now act with similar speed, before Tenbury is completely destroyed as a shopping centre. With much short stay and disabled parking suspended and a continuously clogged town, I would feel even without my current level paranoia and conspiracy theories that Malvern has it in for us!

Yes I am being unreasonable. Yes I am very pissed off.

"Malvern Hills DC, we make a crisis out of a drama!"

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