Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Tenbury Wells - A rising sea of suits

Tenbury Wells, (a small market town situated on the north west tip of Worcestershire recently known for its rising flood waters) became a sea of suits this morning.

Usually dressing up in Tenbury involves putting on clean overalls and boots, but today many besuited gentlemen were in evidence up and down the towns main streets. There was also an influx of yellow waist coated representatives from the Council and the Environment Agency.

The reason for this mass donning of weaved cloth was a visit by Government Minister, Hilary Benn who was recently appointed Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, and local MP Bill Wiggin ,

I have to admit that with the recent events locally I still thought he was Secretary of State for International Development, and whilst realising that Tenbury is a European development area due to the very low per capita income, I was still rather surprised by his visit.

I guess rather like the Queen who probably thinks the world smells of new paint, government ministers must think that even everyday country folk, must wear suits on a daily basis just like them Londoners do.

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