Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Flood Defence Petition

It seems that hardly a week goes by without the question of flood defenses in Tenbury being raised in one form or another. I have sat in countless meetings where the subject has been on the agenda. Hard facts are difficult to come by, but two over-riding fact rises above all others.

  1. Flood defenses are expensive to install.
  2. Another flood will kill a number of local businesses.

How expensive, is still difficult to gauge. £5-£6 million is an often quoted figure, but in reality no one knows. The defenses have yet to be designed, and the figures are based on experts best estimate.

What is easier to establish is that many businesses in the flood effected area, are now either uninsured, have massive flood excesses or vastly increased premiums and have been threatened with withdrawal of cover if another event happens.

Tenbury is very fortunate in having a vibrant town centre with established and new retailers and other service providers, and without them, the heart would go out of the Town. You only have to visit Towns where most of the retailers have left and others are hanging on my a thread, to see how quickly the rot sets in.

There is now a petition on the No10 Government website for people to sign to add a little more pressure to the decision makers.

Tenbury Wells was flooded a number of times in 2007 and again in 2008. This historic small market town, with a population of less than 4,000, cannot be expected to fund its own flood defences. Particularly during an economic downturn, it is important that Central Government undertakes public sector works that will produce benefits that last for years. Flood defences fall into this category. The town has been badly hit by so many floods in such a short time. Funding for permanent flood defences should be provided without further delay. A Flood Defence scheme has already been drawn up. The projected cost is £5 million. While this would be a very large amount for the residents of such a small town to raise, it is an insignificant amount when compared to total government spending.

If you agree with the above then you should visit www.townintheorchard.co.uk and add your name to the petition.

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