Monday, 2 November 2009

Mail exchange in the slow lane

Sharp eyed residents of Tenbury Wells may have noticed that two of the Teme Bridge's arches are partially blocked by debris.

This was highlighted to the Environment agency many weeks ago by Malvern Hills District Council. It would appear to be a simple job to clear the offending mess and release the full capacity of the arch to water flow.

But No. Letters have crawled between all the various agencies. Malvern Hills Town Council, Tenbury Town Council, The Environment Agency and English Heritage.

In this day and age when communication can be sent across the world and replied to in seconds, months have past, and still letters are slowly exchanged and still no work can be done.

During the last few weeks water in the river has been very low, but now the window of opportunity would appear to be closing with heavy rain fall recorded and forecast.

It would appear that no matter how simple the solution or urgent the request, the multiple layers of government agencies that 'protect' this country are unable to rise to the occasion. Let's hope that rising water, does not beat them to a decision.

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