Friday, 11 June 2010

Tenbury MP makes maiden speech

Harriett Baldwin, the recently elected MP for West Worcestershire which includes Tenbury Wells made her maiden speech in the House of Commons yesterday.

Although the subject of the debate was about Tackling Poverty in the UK, she was able to promote the area (including Tenbury) as a food and drink producing area, and to clear up the confusion as to whether she was related to the late 3 times PM Stanley Baldwin.


Miles said...

Very pleased our new MP has placed attention on the fact that as a community we have a lot to celebrate LOCALLY. Let's hope Harriet will work hard to encourage a vibrant and sustainable market town that has an offering for the future.

She has a private members bill to put forward (lucky in MP lottery) lets hope she uses it to promote the above.

Tenbury can go forward.

@WR15 said...

Harriett was asking for suggestions for the private members bill so if you have any ideas email or tweet her.

Miles said...

Done so. Suggested a PMB on 'Sustainable and vibrant market towns'