Friday, 8 April 2011

Election in Tenbury

There will be an Election next month for Tenbury Town Council.

Initial indications showed that there were less candidates nominated than seats available, but now the final list has been published there are 12 nominations and 11 seats.

The remaining two seat designated as St Michaels have attracted two candidates so there will be no election for these seats.

Full list of Candidates

Four Cllrs have decided not to seek re-election.  They are

Richard Jones
Tony Penn
Jane Jenner
Ray Richards

The new Nominations are

Jay Da Costa
Mary Drummond
George Price
Mark Willis

and Eric Hudson, standing in the St Michaels Ward.


One of the councillors said...

You can't withdraw after the specified date. If someone asks to withdraw after that date, then basically the election goes ahead anyway, and if elected they can subsequently stand down, leading to another election (or co-option)!

@WR15 said...

Many thanks for your comment. This mornings confusion has been cleared up and it seems that the list of nominations for the District Council has shortened but not the Town Council. I have therefore rewritten the blog to reflect this.

Ian said...

What's happened to the Lib Dems for the MHDC seats?

@WR15 said...

They were standing as independents, but withdrew at the 11th hour. So far reason unknown.

Ian said...

Curious really. There were two nominations for the MHDC election from "Independent" candidates who had formerly described themselves as Liberal Democrats, but these nominations were declared invalid by the returning officer. So were they “withdrawn” or were they “rejected”?

@WR15 said...

They appear to have been withdrawn as the person nominated for the Town Council and subsequently rejected was marked as such.

Ian said...

MHDC website just says that their nominations were not valid. According to the same site there was one invalid nomination to the Town Council - but that is a different person.