Monday, 27 June 2011

This years award goes to...

The Tenbury Town Council Annual Achievement Award for 2010-11 has been awarded to Mr Martin (Paddy) Brennan.

The Council chose to make the award to Paddy in recognition of his efforts (and much success) in setting up Tenbury Amateur Boxing Club (ABC) were he is their experienced and qualified head coach.

Paddy has a lifetime of experience in the world of boxing,  as a former amateur International  and Professional boxer.

Paddy recognised that positive benefits of Amateur Boxing. He opened a boxing academy in Tenbury and used his knowleadge in the sport to get young people (being both male and female) motivated to come along and learn about the sport, as well as to give them some discipline and guidence.Although, most importantly giving young people the opportunity to get involved and give them the feel of a place where they belong.

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