Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Who would you miss?

BBC Hereford & Worcester were holding a phone-in this morning about the sad state of the High Street, with the recent demise of Habitat, TJ Hughes, etc.  

I cannot pick up the BBCH&W signal in Tenbury, either on FM or AM, so I rarely listen, except on-line when prompted or motivated to do so.  I was asked to contribute to the program, but a prior appointment prevented me from doing so, and although I was once described as having the perfect face for radio, I find my verbal thoughts are much, much less lucid than my written ones.

I gather the idea of the program was to ask people which retailers they would miss most.

I struggle to think of any national retailer that I would miss, but in Tenbury I think the retailer I would miss most is the one I use most often.  The Barn Farm Shop.


Ian said...

Hear! Hear!

Bumblebee said...

Absolutely - big up to the Barn Shop.. Great veg and local Mawley Milk to boot..

Rugby fan 72 said...

It would be a shame for any of the local independant retailers to go, not withstanding the "gap in the High St" it would also mean local people potentailly loosing their livelihood.

The Wet fish shop is a personal favourite, there aren't many of these around still (not even in Worcester...)

Anonymous said...

Would definitely miss the Barn Shop too. And the fish shop. And the Post Office. And the Gun Shop. And Swifts the bread shop!