Friday, 11 November 2011

Come along and Have your Say!

Burford and Tenbury Wells Communities
Joint Toolkit Evening Event
Tuesday 22nd November 2011 – 9.45 pm
Tenbury Wells Primary School

There will shortly be an opportunity to tell the Tenbury Area Partnership your thoughts on what it is like to live or work in the communities that together make up the Burford and Tenbury Wells area and to give your views about what would help your community to develop now and in the future.

30 to 40 people are invited to sign up for a ‘community toolkit’ group discussion event. This will be organised by Shropshire Council with Worcestershire and Malvern Hills Councils. 

The event will help the Tenbury Area Partnership (which includes the Councils as well as voluntary groups, schools and the Chamber of Trade) to gather up-to-date information about the area, which will help in guiding ongoing and future work in the local communities. 

The event is the first joint one of its kind and is building on consultation carried out by the Tenbury Area Partnership conducted throughout 2011. 

Representatives of all age groups are welcome and ideally from across the whole area, ranging from 11 years old through to parents with children and retired people are being sought and the organisers are especially keen to hear from people who may not have been involved in anything before, as well as from those already active in their community. Teas and coffees will be available from 6.30pm and there will be a midpoint break for light refreshments including cakes.

If you would like to take part, please get in touch by noon on Thursday 17th November 2011 with Mrs Lois Dale at Shropshire Council (01743 255667)



Ian said...

I have been involved in these unfocussed focus groups before. Do they really want to know what we think . . . if it doesn't conform to their preconceived ideas? Is the consultation genuine our just an exercise? After all, it would be impossible to accommodate the views of everyone - so how do you put a value on any particular opinion?

Bumblebee said...

I tend to agree with Ian that there's often a behind the scenes 'agreed' or 'preferred' way of developing things already which can sometimes steer what ideas are really taken forwards (or seriously) at such events.

I'd like to be reassured too that there's a commitment with this event to giving all people's perspectives proper and genuine consideration.