Friday, 25 November 2011

For one night only!

"World renowned for his dynamic and challenging performances, allow Ben Haggarty to lure you into the richly metaphorical world of a full-blooded fairytale for grown-ups. 

Dark, beautiful and startling by turn, this is a story of dreams, initiations and the repayment of debts - a journey from innocence to experience which delves into a disconcertingly familiar narrative world. Ben Haggarty performs with infectious charm and ease - fierce, fast paced, and unashamedly magical."

Ben Haggarty is performing in Tenbury for one night only on Saturday 26th November only part of the Mistletoe Season.  Tickets available from the TIC, Books, Books, Books, Special Occasions and

This performance is suitable for children over 12 and adults.

There is also a Sunday afternoon performance for children over 8 and their families.

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