Monday, 5 December 2011

Tenbury Town Council Inflation Busting Increase

Tenbury Town Council are proposing increasing their precept request by just over 13.5%.

Amongst other things funds required are to pay for additional repairs to the Community Centre which aren't 
covered by the HLF Grant.  Also a budget has been created to help fund the Town's Diamond Jubilee celebrations next year.  The amount being set aside for future repairs to the Car Park has also been increased and unless it is agreed that charges are introduced this is likely to have to increase again.

There are still some 
anomalies in the way they subsidise certain facilities to a much higher degree than others, but the Council has pledged to have detailed negotiations during the coming year to try to overcome these.

The other uncertainty at this stage is the overall financial effect of transferring the running of the Regal to a Management Trust.  This should show major savings in future years, but probably not in the first year.

As the other elements of the Council Tax have been frozen by central government, the TTC increase won't have a major impact in the overall Council Tax charge.  The increase for a band A property will be about the cost of one small chocolate bar a month.

The full Council will be voting on the increase next Monday.

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