Thursday, 19 July 2012

Co-op Bank take over of Tenbury Lloyds confirmed

Lloyds Bank Teme Street

The Co-operative Group has agreed terms with Lloyds Banking Group to buy 632 Lloyds TSB and Cheltenham and Gloucester branches including the branch in Teme Street Tenbury Wells.

The sale was demanded by European regulators after Lloyds bought HBOS during the financial crisis.

It is thought that existing customers will be given the choice of transferring their Lloyds account to another branch or convert to a Co-operative account.

Co-op were voted as the best current account provider 2011 by money supermarket.


Ian said...

I've been with Smile (the Co-operative Bank's internet arm) for many years. Always excellent. This competition from the smaller banks will be a good thing - let's hope that with the acquisition of Britannia and now some Lloyds branches they don't get too big.

Anonymous said...

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Ian said...

Does Anonymous mean "master peace' or 'masterpiece'?

Anonymous said...

I'm with Lloyds and although I haven't yet received anything in writing from them yet, I think I will be happy to transfer to the Co-op.

I've heard that they have a good reputation and are good towards the customers.