Saturday, 4 August 2012

Tenbury Advertiser causes confusion about the Regal

The Tenbury Advertiser published the wrong article this week leading to concern & confusion.

Under a new photo, and the banner headline Project manager moves to smoothe delay fears for Tenbury's Regal Cinema they then publsihed an article which had previosly been published 12 months ago.
The online version appeared Wednesday night, but attempts to contact the journalist concerned and newquest proved unsuccessful. So on Thursday morning, expecting coverage of the recent highly successful gala opening members of the Town Council and volunteers for the Trust that will take over the running of the cinema in September, found a very confusing article instead.

Negotiations have been going on all week between the Town Council and Newsquest about the publishing of an apology and redress for the damage caused.

There have been an increasing number of errors in the advertiser, with inaccurate reporting, factual errors and incorrect adverts being run.  This is most likely due to the paper being produced by fewer and fewer staff, who don't work in this area so are unable to spot the mistakes. Although why they didn't spot that they were running Christams adverts is no clear.

Rather than the delays mentioned the project is forging ahead with a very full programme of entertainment due to be published on the 15th August.


Anonymous said...

Another mistake is in the story currently on the website about the independant retailer weekend... wrong name against "The Little Fish Shop"

Anonymous said...

Moderated Comment

It's a regular thing with the advertiser now. They caused panic when they said the bridge was going to close just to repaint the railings. I think that ****** bloke hears what he wants to hear and writes bull-shit