Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Pity the Tourist

Picture the tourist who decides to come to Tenbury for the day.

They visit the MHDC Official Tourist Information Centre website, and print off the town map.

So far so good.

They arrive in the Town, park the car and go in search of the TIC to stock up on leaflets, but alas the TIC is not where it is shown on the map. They wander down Teme Street and round the corner into Market Street. They are looking for the toilets shown on the map that they printed that very morning, but the toilets are missing, instead they pass shop after shop that are dark, have notices promising to open soon, some with boarded up windows, others with no floors.

They turn and head for the Council Offices to make a complaint about being misled, but find that the Council Offices shown on the map are those of the Town Council, and not the District Council. They also find that the Cattle Market is no more, just a dusty/muddy car park.

Never mind. The pavements are clean.


Anonymous said...

What about the Scout Hut and the Methodist Hall?

Anonymous said...

I am a tourist - a regular visitor to Tenbury. I was last there a month ago and knew what to expect. Nobody can blame the District Council for the summer rains, but as an outsider it does seem to me that the good people of Tenbury are getting back on their feet despite MHDC rather than thanks to their support.

It seems odd that the TIC website doesn't even acknowledge the town has suffered major flooding with significant after-effects. Their map was already out-of-date before the floods.

Is this the time for MHDC to improve its act in Tenbury, or to give Tenbury folk with a will to promote Tenbury the chance to do so?

Anonymous said...

Well said that "I am a tourist" person!

Anonymous said...

I went to Tenbury Wells yesterday afternoon. The Tourist Information Centre was closed.

Anonymous said...

What is the prblem with the tourism information place. we went yesterday and it was closed