Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Tenbury Biomass Project

The Worcester County Council flagship Biomass Pilot Project continues to run into problems.

The planning permission, which the project's own website still maintains will be applied for in May, has still to be submitted.

All the documents are now with MHDC, but no-one from the Project Team can find the cheque book, so until the Planning Fee has been paid, no further progress is possible.

The future of this project must be in doubt.

Even WCC Energy Manager said "there are valid concerns of project from objective groups"

The cost of fueling this plant, which is only viable with Government Subsidies, has also taken another blow, with the EU allowing existing 'set aside' land to be bought back into cultivation for cereal crops to tackle the current world shortage. How many farmers will want to plant 'long term' crops such as Willow, when they can plant 'short term' premium crops such as Potatoes and Wheat.

Far better to concentrate the Council resources on energy reduction and schemes such as solar panels for council properties, that to invest in a plant that is untried, not wanted and a 'white elephant' waiting to happen.

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