Monday, 1 October 2007

Tenbury Wells Tourist Information Centre

With all the funding that has been made available to the TWTIC, why is the information on their web site so out of date.

Yes we know that the Tenbury Agricultural Show has been cancelled, but is it still relevant several month after the fact.

Much of the site content is out of date, and the "Events in Tenbury Wells" page seems to have become "Whats on @ Whites".

If Tenbury wants to hold its head up as a tourist 'destination', surely it needs to compete at all levels including it's web sites.

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Anonymous said...

Me and my mates went to tenbury on bank holiday monday for the car boot sale. the car boot sale was great but we wonderer what the funny blue and white building was but it was closed so we went to the tourisn information pl;ace to ask but that was closed. even the chip shop was cloased.