Tuesday, 17 May 2011

The New Tenbury Town Council

Liz Weston - Mayor (Regal & Pump Rooms, Parks & Cemetery)
Peter Mound - Deputy Mayor (Finance, Regal & Pump Rooms)
Jonathan Morgan (Regal & Pump Rooms)
Stephen Bowkett (Planning)
George Price (Planning, Finance)
Sue Corfield (Regal & Pump Rooms, Parks & Cemetery)
Joe Watson (Finance, Parks & Cemetery)
Mary Drummond (Regal & Pump Rooms, Parks & Cemetery)
Mark Willis - Chairman of CEST (Finance, Planning)
Jay Da Costa (Planning, Parks & Cemetery)
Anji Stevens (Finance, Planning)
Adrian Rigby (Finance, Parks & Cemetery)
Eric Hudson (Regal & Pump Rooms, Planning)
All Cllrs sit on CEST

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