Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Get your nominations in quick

The 5th of May elections are fast approaching, so if you want to stand as a Tenbury Town Councillor you need to get your application /nomination forms completed and delivered before noon on Monday 4th April 2011.
Forms can be collected from the Town Clerk at the Pump Rooms.

As far as I know at least 23% of the current Councillors are not seeking re-election, and it looks like more than 13 people will be standing so there will be a "proper" election.


Anonymous said...

Maybe someone can vote in someone who will take on the swan garage for not only putting up their fuel by 1p before the budget but not implementing the 1p after 6pm yesterday after driving past it and noticing it is still 143.0p (diesel) in theory it should be 141.0p because of the craftyness of putting it up 1p before the budget

@WR15 said...

Well, according to an industry spokesman, petrol stations have already paid the duty when the fuel has been delivered, so they can't put the price down until their next delivery. Funny, as I recall they all managed to put the fuel up at 6pm after previous budget rises!

Bumblebee said...

Fuel prices in these parts are truly scandalous.

We go back to see relatives in the East Midlands occasionally and diesel is sometimes up to 10p a litre less than the Swan Garage in Tenbury. I know that prices are 'supposed' to come down in line with more local competition and I'm sure that there is just that in the East Midlands but even so - 10p a litre more is just plain greedy.

A mate I play sport with locally said that he was in the Swan Garage the other day and a guy behind him said that 'BBC TV Midlands Today' were going to be coming along as the Swan Garage were [apparently] "one of the most expensive in the county". This same mate added that strangely the Swan Garage's prices then went down the following day.