Wednesday, 29 February 2012

MHDC Planning Officer recommends approval for Tenbury Tesco.

This is the Summary to the report that the MHDC Cllrs who make up the Northern Area Planning Committee will be discussing next week.

This is a full planning application for a retail food store with a gross internal floor space of 2,310 square metres, of which 1,384 square metres would be the net tradable area, on the former Cattle Market Site, Teme Street, Tenbury Wells.

The application also includes car parking, improvements to the access to the site, the widening of the Riverside Walk and provision of seating and an area of public open space.

Separate vehicular and pedestrian access is proposed from Teme Street.

The main issues in the consideration of the application are whether the principle of a food store on this site is acceptable, having regard to national and local planning policies relating to retail development and flood risk; the effect of the proposal on highway safety; the impact of the development on the vitality and viability of Tenbury as a town centre; the effect of the development on the character of the area and the Tenbury Wells Conservation Area; the effect upon residential amenities, the effect on biodiversity and protected species, given that the River Teme, adjoining the site is a Site of Special Scientific Interest and overall, whether the proposal is in accordance with the Development Plan.

The application is reported to Committee at the request of the two District Councillors for Tenbury Wells and given the significant level of local interest in the proposal.

The recommendation is that planning permission be granted subject to the applicant entering into a Section 106 and Section 278 legal agreements in respect of a financial contribution being paid towards community transport, the delivery of public realm works within the vicinity of the application site, the payment of a commuted sum for the maintenance of the Riverside Walk, improvements to the A4112/A456 junction and a financial contribution being paid for the monitoring of the Travel Plan, with payment made if the objectives are not achieved.

The full report can be viewed here. 


Anonymous said...

Tenbury, "the town that died in the Orchard"

Anonymous said...

Tenbury, the town that finally joined the 21st century.

Anonymous said...

I think you will both find that tenbury has died (and sorry tenbury is in the 21st century already as it is 2012)

the planning officer has only recommended approval

it can still be rejected

Ian said...

Hear hear! I think this almost certainly means that Tesco will be coming to Tenbury

Ian said...

In which case they will almost certainly win on appeal and all the s106 benefits will be lost!

Anonymous said...

OR they pull out or decide not to appeal as they are currently re-thinking their strategy and have already pulled out of all non uk devt and some uk devts

@WR15 said...

I did a little research about appeals & S106. It seems that in the event of an appeal, S106's are not automatically void. The Planning Inspector can increase / decrease / void or completely rewrite any agreements.

Ian said...

Thanks for that clarification. Difficult to see how mhdc could defend an
appeal given officer approval!

RichTea said...

In Section 6.75 of the report: The Highway Authority considers that the bridge can accommodate the traffic associated with the development.

In Section 6.77: Your Officers and WCC Highways consider that the information submitted wih the application does not demonstrate that traffic associated with the development would adversely affect the improved (A456/A117) junction capacity. (Rejecting Shropshire Highways views - my parentheses)

This begs the question as to whether the information submitted with the application forms a realistic basis for a considered decision. In my opinion it does not because the simulation studies cite a single set of (in my view flawed) assumptions with no sensitivity analysis in a situation where traffic flow growth is a critical factor and Our Officers have apparently not queried this at all.

So much for in-depth professional review, consideration and advice to Councillors.

MHDC Sold out said...

Difficult to see how they can suddenly approve and say the general massing etc is now not an issue when it was one of the reasons it was rejected last time - the foot print of the store has acutally got bigger!. The only real difference is the amount of S106- the other 3 reasons for rejection stand. Interestingly it is only a contribution to the Public realm works - of what magnitude?

So clearly whatever "planning issues" there may be are very easily forgotten or disregarded when WCC and MHDC get promises of cash to back fill their own cuts and ill thought plans...who says our politicians can't be bought.

Judicial review anyone?

Bumblebee said...

I see MHDC Clr Tony Penn is now chairing the planning meet again..

Even the staff at MHDC know that "he's nailed his colours to the mast" regards being a big Tesco fan..

He has a casting vote if needs be but (as chair) is surely about as impartial as Maggie Thatcher chairing a meeting of Nottinghamshire miners in the 80's..

TenburyFutures said...

Many hundreds of local people have objected to this Tesco plan and there is a list of both planning-related and general concerns still left unanswered.

We've heard from various sources too that many at MHDC don't want this goliath of a supermarket in Tenbury [irrespective of the planning officer's recent 'pro' missive].

The decision won't be made by the planning officer though - rather the vote of the whole Planning Committee [many of whom spoke passionately against the same plan at the last committee meet when it was thrown out].

Click our link/name above to see more.

@WR15 said...


Well at least you know in advance which way the Chairman will vote!

At least one of the Cllrs at the last meeting who "spoke passionately against" spoke against Tesco & not the plan. That could have been a "gift" to Tesco if they had decided to appeal.

Despite your constant argument that 100s have objected. Some of these people live many many miles away & some are probably "professional" Tesco objectors. The majority of the businesses in Town want the development, and the majority of the people of Tenbury do not object

We Want PROOF!! said...


Show proof of the 'many' businesses that want Tesco.

Show proof that may of Tenbury people want Tesco.

You can't go by the people that did not refuse because if they generally wanted Tesco they would of sent a letter of approval.

Don't give your bull of it is common practise that people object not approve when it comes to planning. Because there are still loads of people that still object to the plan which did not send in a letter of objection.

Anonymous said...

I cannot see how the entrance to site can accommodate all the extra traffic, it will be gridlock most of the time.
Its quite simple really........if you do a weekly shop you take the car.

@WR15 said...

We Want PROOF!!

Try reading what I wrote, not what you think I wrote.

@WR15 said...

The results of the Tenbury Town Council's survey of the business community reveal a majority are in favour of the proposed Cattle Market development.

90 businesses in the Town Centre were given the opportunity to express an opinion in an anonymous survey carried out by the Town Council.

70 surveys were returned, 5 could not be counted as the were not completed correctly.

Of the other 65, 46 (71%) were in favour and 19 (29%) were against.

Ian said...

1. I may be wrong, but I would have thought that Cllr Penn would not chair this particular meeting.
2. In one sense I think it makes little difference however councillors vote. If they vote in favour, Tesco will build. If they vote against, despite officer recommendation for approval, Tesco would almost certainly win on appeal - as I said earlier, how could MHDC defend an appeal when its own officers have recommended approval?

@WR15 said...

Strange that Tenbury Futures are claiming over "700 local people have objected", yet only 481 people are listed on the MHDC document as "Representations Received" which include the people who wrote in favour.

And by "local" do Tenbury Futures include Telford, Atherstone, Dudley, Droitwich, London, Eastbourne, Willenhall, Manchester, Spalding, Bristol, Newcastle, Birmingham, Newtown, Llandrindod Wells, etc. etc.

Mr.Longbeard said...

They'll have added the numbers from their plan B questionnaire to their figures (imho)

Of course I can only hope they've not double counted, and that they've filtered out non local objections, I'm sure they're more than able to provide proof that all the numbers are accurate, representative, and and above board.

Tenbury Futures said...

Lets look at the scenario with the MHDC planning site..

Last time Tesco was roundly rejected by MHDC at planning committee we'd counted about 800 souls registering objections that were on the site. Cllr Phil Grove said at a Tenbury Town Council meet feedback session that it was "more like a thousand objections" [which was a surprise as the evidence didn't seem to stack up online]. From this it was easy to draw the conclusion that not all planning objections received were published on the MHDC planning site.

On this recent occasion Spar and various other local participating shops have been forwarding planning objection letters that have come their way to MHDC. As part of this process Spar alone have been keeping a count of numbers of throughputs. Up until the deadline for replies this time Spar counted over 600 planning objections. These were all passed on to MHDC and were expected up on the planning portal - but [again] don't seem to be represented in full at present.

So to summarise, the last time around there was evidence of 7 or 800 objections but we were told in actuality there were more like a thousand. Spar have counted over 600 objections sent before the deadline this time. It's clear that they haven't all been shown online yet but we know they have been passed to MHDC.. We're [hoping] that this is just a lag in administration at the MHDC end and that the letters sent to them will be properly reflected asap.

If this doesn't happen then you might begin to wonder why [on two occasions now..] the numbers of objection letters sent before the planning deadline aren't fully reflected online despite evidence to the contrary.

Tenbury Futures said...

It's a pretty small proportion of the total objectors who are from outside of this region really..

The majority are still from this region or local to Tenbury.

What you're seeing in part is many people who support the town's tourism industry putting across their objection also to Tesco landing one of their retail spaceships next to the River Teme.

We were present last year when TTC read out one such letter addressed to them. In it the individual said how much they liked visiting the town and it's shops year on year as it's character was [as yet] "unspoilt". This of course will be fatally compromised if Tesco are allowed to put in one of their "semi industrial" structures [MHDC planner speak] in a prominent conservation area site next to the River Teme.

The town's Chamber of Commerce know too how important this perception of the town is to it's tourism and appeal and commissioned a local media advert for Tenbury playing on this titled "Shopping as it used to be".

While we don't think the town should be preserved in aspic, we do however think that the devt of the cattle market can [and should] be done so in a much more sensible, sustainable and proportional manner using smaller retail elements while preserving the Old Infirmary Building on the site.

if undertaken carefully, this could bring a broad set of benefits to the local community while preserving and re-utilising heritage buildings within the town's conservation area.

Planning Farce... said...

O Beardy and WR15 what scally wags...Suffice to say there are many hundreds of objection letters, and far fewer in support, we know the town is split and the many arguments and counter arguments.

This is actually a minor point when one considers how poorly, in my opinion, the entire episode has been handled by MHDC.

1. Total "volte face" with regard 3 of the main reasons for objection last time, with little or no obvious logic to the change of stance.

2. The s106 monies that have been negotiated have no planning gain for MHDC- only WCC, and are far less substantial than other similar projects elsewhere. (Sold short)

3. The recent concerns raised by TTC relating to safety and the genral layout of the site have not been addressed.

4. The change of use for the Firestation should be resolved before a fait d'accompli is presented as was the case with the appliction to demolish the RBB building.

5. Cllr Penn chairing the meeting and having a "carrying vote" is beyond a farce.

6. A contribution to the "Public Realm" works are included in the s106 - what public realm works?, as far as i am aware this is project is on the drawing board only and has not been even put to the people of Tenbury....the small group of maybe 10 that are aware of the details include Cllrs Penn & Pollock (o what a surprise)one very pro-Tesco and the other trying to get WCC budgets back filled by a huge corporate, and a donation could be anything from £1 and not the rumoured £300k WCC are after.....

7. I may be wrong on this last point - but i cannot see a timeline for the project, ie a "to be built and operational by date". Are we going to have the situation where if successful Mssrs Tescos add the Cattle market to their already substantial land bank and not build on it until the economy has picked up (5 years?).....or they may even sell on if they get planning we might not get anything for 5 years or more and then it may not even be a Tesco.....

Not the best example of how the planning system works, a very poor refection on MHDC and another shining example of how local government can be "won over" by the big boys...We will be going down the realm of PFI towns soon if we are not careful!

@WR15 said...

Always difficult to know exactly what is going on, but it appears. the land is still owned by Chase Tenbury LLP, & Tesco have an option to develop. Whether they also have an option to buy if planning permission is gained is unknown.

Vested Interests said...

Shocked and appalled that Tony Penn is supposed to be chairing the planning committee on Tesco. If there were anyone the opposite of impartial on this issue then its him. It will be totally biased and geared to forcing through the plan.

Shame on you Malvern Hills.

Anonymous said...

and of course spar are running the letter writing to Malvern for the good of the town. nothing to do with protecting their £2.5 million turnover.

Tenbury Futures said...

Spar has been helping [as have a number of local highstreet shops] to collect individual planning objection letters and pass them on to Malvern Hills..

If you're questioning the validity of the letters passed-on by Spar and other local shops then it's important to know that each letter will need to have been individually signed and addressed to be accepted by MHDC [which we believe is the case with all sent or they wouldn't have been passed-on by these shops].

Even if it's simply a 'pro-forma' planning-issue objection letter then MHDC have assured us that each one will count as an individual objection if signed and addressed.

As mentioned previously, we know well how many letters have been sent to MHDC within the correct time period and we're publicly asking them here that these are fully and accurately reflected on their planning site before wednesday's committee meet.

Anonymous said...

People seem to forget that Spar is the only major retail name in Tenbury .....EVERY OTHER SHOP is independently owned.Once GONE, GONE FOREVER!!!

@WR15 said...

Great Slogan - but wrong!

Firstly Spar isn't the only major retailer in town, there is a Coop & Rowlands, and quite a few others are "small chains" rather than single independents.

Just because a shop closes it doesn't mean that another won't open, after all that is what has been happening for 100's of years!

Welsh Wizard said...

Mr Penn chair the meeting?

Would he have to declare he has Personal & Prejudicial interest.

Would he be a "Tesco Club Card" holder by any chance .

Rotten Boroughs said...

With Penn the outcome of the planning committee is effectively rigged. He should stand down if the public are to have some kind of faith that the committee will be run as impartially and fairly as possible. If he doesn't and Tesco are then accepted, then people will always cite him as the reason for this. I'm sure the media would love to hear of Cllr Penn's various levels of interests in all this too.

Anonymous said...

Tony Penn should not be allowed to chair a meeting, where impartiality of a chairman is required. He should also be representing the voice of the people who voted for him[mainly against Tescos in Tenbury]. I do hope he reflects on his position, and give the opinions of the electorates at this meeting.

Do the math said...

If Tony Penn represents the majority of the people that voted for him, then he must vote Yes.

Only a small minority of the people in his ward area have expressed their opposition to the development.

Anonymous said...

One wonders if the futures people would be asking TP to stand down if he had expressed an opposition to the development!

No, I didn't think so.

Anonymous said...

There is no doubt that Tesco in Tenbury will kill my favourite shops already weakened by loss of trade because of the bridge closure. I am also uncertain that those people who like to shop at shopping complexes elsewhere will change and stay only in Tenbury to shop at Tesco: they will still want the other big stores on offer to them elsewhere. If I truly thought Tesco would help Tenbury I would support it. But I don't - we'll end up with Tesco and charity shops.

@WR15 said...

If you think that the people who shop away, will continue to do so, and perhaps those like you who can afford to shop at the small food shops also continue to do so, then it's Tesco that won't reach their targets.

In said...

Who said Tony Penn was chairing the meeting? I'd be very surprised indeed if he did so.

Mr.Longbeard said...

Show us your evidence Tenbury futures of the 700+ with the small numbers of non local objectors.

Or is it just speculation, grand numbers, spar said, we reckon, around about guess work.??

Or should we accept the word of those with a vested interest in refusal who have no clear identity to date over that of our elected officials?

Norman Wanstall said...

I am absolutely worn out with frustration at all pros and cons and petty views and discussions when to me there is only one issue and that is our wonky bridge. It doesn't matter whether people would like, or not like, a Tesco store, the fact remains that our bridge could never cope with hundreds of extra vehicles trying to cross it from both directions seven days a week. END OF STORY.

@WR15 said...

Only 50% of the first 50 "Representations Received" live in Tony Penn's ward. If you extrapolate that out, that's 240 people who have written to object out of an adult population of 3,400. I can't claim all those who didn't write support the application, but I can claim that they don't object sufficiently to write. If only 7% of his ward have written to object then Tony Penn must vote in favour if he is to represent the feelings in his ward.

Anonymous said...

Surely the planning meeting should be chaired by someone who has neutral opinions about this?

Whatever Tesco have offered to do in terms of 106 should not be considered - the planning application should be considered on its own merits. It has been turned down twice, why on earth would there be any change in the reason to reject it?

There are plenty of uses that land can be put to that will attract people to Tenbury and will not mean the closing of many of the local shops, as will happen if Tesco are allowed to come to Tenbury.

Anonymous said...


Bumblebee said...

Independent Shops Under Threat
Tenbury is actually alive but hanging in there. Many of the small shops have suffered trading losses during bridge closure which hasn't helped with the downturn economically. Add a huge Tesco which will be over 80 times the new retail space recommended in the MHDC local plan and it may just tip the small food shops over the edge.

More spin and half truths
Tesco are in the news today saying they're creating "20,000" jobs but the BBC are straight on to them.. It turns out that they said they'd create "30,000 jobs" a couple of years back but in reality they only created about 12,000 - many of which were only part time or short term contract with few of the usual employment benefits..

Tesco jobs - the reality
The British Retail Planning Forum, which is financed by the supermarkets themselves, has found that every time a large supermarket opens, on average, 276 jobs are lost. These figures suggest that if the development goes ahead we will lose about 100 jobs in Tenbury – that is a net loss of about 100 jobs.

@WR15 said...


I think the economic downturn is having a far greater effect than the bridge. Local businesses which aren't effected by the bridge closure are reporting up to 50% reduction in turnover.

Many of the shops would have seen a marked downturn anyway. Some I have spoken to say that trade is actually OK based on their knowledge of other shops in their trade or other branches in other towns.

Whether you like Tesco or not, they are to UK's biggest private employer. There will always be a body of disgruntled staff in any organisation. I've seen this in the past in my former life. Sometimes it's because of the "incorrect" local implementation of rules, or poor training or unreasonable expectations.

I have said before some of the local food retailers will receive a wake up call if Tesco opens, but why should we be looking to protect those stores that aren't offering what people want. I know from the figures that two are "overtrading" (as is Tesco in Ludlow) and one is certainly making profits well above their market sector. Good luck to them if they can get away with it, but eventually they will attract competition who want a slice of the pie. Shops come & shops go, and so do jobs. Very few are protected. Even jobs in academia like yours are no longer fully protected.

Ludlow Man said...

Actually WR15 tesco in ludlow is NOT overtrading. In fact it has lost a lot of business to Aldi. As people are trying to save money due to the economic downturn. As tesco is actually exspensive. (even more than spar on several items).

@WR15 said...

Ludlow Man, I bow to your local knowledge. My information might be out of date on Ludlow.

Bumblebee said...

So WR15 are you saying that the British Retail Planning Forum is incorrect in their figures about job losses with supermarket encroachment and that Tenbury will come out on top jobs-wise?

"..and so do jobs. Very few are protected. Even jobs in academia like yours are no longer fully protected."

If I didn't know you better WR15 that could be interpreted as some kind of veiled threat.. Have you been talking to my managers again ;-)

Tesco have been busy lobbying Councillors. said...

I see Cllr Penn is no longer listed at being the Chair of the planning committee. A minor victory for common sense and fairness then at least.

Grub up more orchards please. said...

Shouldn't the first comment in this thread be:

"Tenbury, 'the town that allowed it's heritage to be demolished, it's tourism potential concreted-over for car parking and it's orchards grubbed-up in favour of supermarket cheap foreign imports'"?

@WR15 said...

The British Retail Planning Forum report was about out of town supermarkets.

This is a summary issued by Corporate Watch....

Whilst some claim that the number of jobs increases, the British Retail Planning Forum (1998), embarrassingly financed by the supermarkets themselves, discovered that every time a large supermarket opens, on average, 276 jobs are lost. It found that there is 'strong evidence that new out-of-centre superstores have a negative net impact on retail employment up to 15km away'

I don't think even with vivid imagination the Cattle Market development can be referred to as an out-of-centre superstore.

@WR15 said...

Don't believe everything you read in the papers.

Look at the acres of Orchard that have been planted locally in just the last 12 months.

The demand for apples was so great last year that I sold apples from my orchard for the first time in 7 years.

Anonymous said...

how much are tesco paying you to put a nice spin on them wr15?

Anonymous said...

now look you lot if everyone that is against tesco stayed true to there word and shopped in the local shops does it matter if they come or not.i cant afford to live in this town anymore £2.27 for 4 rashers of bacon come on daylight robbery £148.9 for derv just takes the micky.people outside of this town are laughing at us for putting up with bring on tesco with a petrol station ,post office and chemist

Anonymous said...

if tesco doesnt come to tenbury they have got a site in burford for a superstore and garage COME ON TESCO

@WR15 said...

They're not, but I do have a Clubcard and I spend about £2.59 with them when I'm passing through Welshpool (& need to use their loo)

@WR15 said...

If all the people objecting maintain there shopping habits then problem solved. Well only if they have the majority they claim and shop on a regular basis. The problem is so many of those objecting are like the people who wrote to the Town Council from the Isle of Man and shop here for a few hours when on an occasional holiday.

@WR15 said...

You won't be getting a Petrol Station, Chemist or Post Office with the Cattle Market development. As for Burford - who knows!

Ian said...

"I see Cllr Penn is no longer listed at being the Chair of the planning committee. A minor victory for common sense and fairness then at least" . . . I think you'll find that this is completely wrong. He is Chair of the Planning Committee but standing aside for this particular meeting.

Mr. Longbeard said...


Ouch, and I thought I was robbed paying 140.9ppl this morning

No Beard said...

The difference there longbeard is the 148.9 will be diesel where as I'm guessing your 140.9 is unleaded?

Anonymous said...

Petrol is indeed scandalous in Tenbury - it keeps coming up again and again.. We were in Northants this weekend and it was between 1.43 and 1.46p max for diesel at mainstream filling stations.

The Swan Garage is a rip off.

Anonymous said...

a tesco in tenbury or burford, theyll both be bad for the town and its shops. thank goodness clr penn isnt acting as chair at the commite - hes clarly tescos biggest fan

@WR15 said...

In defence of the Swan Garage, I'm not sure that they get to set the prices. I think Texaco set them based on the local competition.

The effect of a Tesco in Tenbury or in Burford would be entirely different. Much of the "facts" produced by Tenbury Futures do relate to out of town superstores, whereas they do not relate to in town stores.

No Beard said...

The Swan garage has put up the petrol three times since the bridge has closed.

At least one of the rises is due to oil prices going up but it has obviously been put up because they have lost alot of business due to the bridge closure. The main of swan garages business come from people in Tenbury side of the bridge, ans due to the bridge being closed they are unable to drive over to get fuel. If they drive the diversion just to get fuel they would just as well drive to Bromyard to get fuel as the distance is just the same and the roads will be a lot safer to drive on as it isn't a single lane track.

The cheapest I have seen for fuel (sorry I don't remember the price) is Tuffins in Ludlow. But again by time you drive there your paying the price you get it cheaper by so you might aswell buy from Swan Garage.

Fuel is only going to get dearer, seeing as we can no longer buy from Iran (I know we only buy 1% fuel from Iran but it will still make a difference). The 3p rise will also go ahead in April as I don't see the chancellor freezing it again for a third time. And lets be honest are they really going to cut the cost of fuel tax? I don't think so.

Lets stop moaning about the price of fuel and the price of items in Tenbury, Lets get behind our local shops and save them from disaster. If your unable to afford this from Tenbury then there is always Kidderminster, Ludlow or Leominster. If you don't drive there is always the internet or a friend or try and ask a neighbour when they are going to the shops and go together to save fuel (and the environment).

The options are endless but once Tesco comes the options will only be Tesco and charity shops.

Mr.Longbeard said...

"...where as I'm guessing your 140.9 is unleaded.."

You'd be guessing wrong.
That's what I paid for diesel today, it was 138.9ppl on Friday which is why I felt erked.

But then that's city prices with healthy competion for you.

"...go together to save fuel (and the environment)..."

Or have a local Tesco, internet shopping for food really is the pits.

Mr.Longbeard said...

Sorry double post..
"...The options are endless but once Tesco comes the options will only be Tesco and charity shops..."

And 2 DIY shops
And a cafe
And a book shop
And a toy shop
And multiple hairdressers
And a butchers
And a fishmongers
And an electrical shop
And insurance brokers
And a carpet shop
And bowketts
And loads of pubs
And a bike / stuff shop
And at least one bakers
And a newsagents
And a greetings card shop
And a sweet shop
And several takeaways
And a cafe

I'm sure there will be many many more but those are off the top of my head that I believe with effort and hardworking would be more than capable of surviving with a Tesco.

No Beard said...

'Or have a local Tesco, internet shopping for food really is the pits.'

Oh Mr Longbeard, your obviously being paid by MR TESCO!! Your always shooting down the obvious solutions to having a Tesco and ruining the town.

Everyone knows that Tesco only brings disaster and charity shops. OR is it Mr Longbeard, that you run charity shops? IS this why you want a Tesco because it will help you get the upper hand.

ORi it Mr Longbeard that you don't care what happens to Tenbury?

Mr.Longbeard said...

Or is it I've read the CPRE report with regards to Totnes when it was publicised on countryfile last year.

Could it be that I refuse to stoop to your level of personal insults and unfounded accusations, wild conspiracy theories which are pure bunk.

Could it be that I don't see Tesco or any of the other big supermarket chains as the harbringers of doom.

Bumblebee said...

So have deals been done behind closed doors in advance of the planning committee?

I've already heard that "Tesco have been lobbying (MHDC) Councillors hard" in relation to this latest application.

There's no doubt that councils are intimidated by Tesco too: "* They are too big and powerful for us. If we try and deny them, they will appeal, and we cannot afford to fight a planning appeal and lose. If they got costs it could bankrupt us”. John Sweeney, leader of North Norfolk District Council.

* From "The Tesco Takeover" Friends of the Earth.

No Beard said...

Because Mr Longbeard you are blind. There are plenty of towns out there that have been ruined by Tesco, You all won't believe it but Ludlow is one of them.

Ludlow is full of charity shops with more opening soon.

Llandodd Wells (sorry for spelling) is another

Many More still...

Tenbury will be no different. Tesco doesn't care for the local people. Independent shops do though

@WR15 said...

Very dramatic but not actually correct unless they attempt to turn down the application on non planning grounds.

Tenbury Futures said...

Is Tesco really the great deal that some seem to suggest?

"As Tesco kicked off the fourth wave of its Price Drop campaign, an investigation by The Grocer has revealed that it has put up prices on three products for every two that it lowered in the past six weeks...

Prices at Tesco have also risen faster than at rival supermarkets in recent weeks. The Grocer Price Index, which tracks hundreds of comparable lines across the big four, shows that in the month before the campaign, Tesco’s prices rose by 2% while Asda cut prices by 0.3% and Morrisons and Sainsbury’s raised them by 0.1% and 0.7% [4w/e 28 February]."

From "More Prices Up Than Down...", The Grocer, 3rd Mar, 2012

Anonymous said...

Almost as many as some local supermarkets we could mention.

Anonymous said...

me like tenbury its cheap for grub

Ian said...

"Lets stop moaning about the price of fuel and the price of items in Tenbury, Lets get behind our local shops and save them from disaster. If your unable to afford this from Tenbury then there is always Kidderminster, Ludlow or Leominster. If you don't drive there is always the internet or a friend or try and ask a neighbour when they are going to the shops and go together to save fuel (and the environment)" - goodness me! This blogger must be complacent AND rich!

@WR15 said...

No Beard - Have you ever been to Llandrindod Wells?

If you have, I'm not sure how you can compare the situation in Tenbury with the situation there.

The Tesco is quite a walk from the Town Centre & you have to pass other supermarkets on the way there.

Anonymous said...

I think there are (and please note I said think) alot more people in favour of Tesco than have been accounted for, I do not understand the futures groups lodgic or where on earth they are going to fund Plan B its an absolute load of pie in the sky! Tenbury do not own the site and im sure the owner is not going to just hand it over. I also cant understand how anyone can be in favour of keeping a run down old building like the infirmary, I have had to park up the auction yard recently and its a dump and if thats what the futures want to be the first impression of Tenbury then they dont hold Tenbury close to its heart.
Im Dont shop in Tenbury because I cant afford to and also I dont find their is the choice so shop where ever could be Tesco, sainsburys, morrisons etc but I dont understand why Tesco get such a hard time, Aldi came to Ludlow after Tesco why isnt Aldi to blame for Ludlows downfall, my guess is its neither its just a sign of the times. Why was there no outcry when another baker opened in Tenbury, was this fair to swifts the current Bakers or a bit of healthy competition, again why was there no outcry from the people of cleobury when Bowketts went along and opened a butchers, in my knowledge there was several there already! Most of the shopkeepers in Tenbury dont even live in Tenbury and alot can be seen spending their money elsewhere! If the shopkeepers cant even be loyal to Tenbury why should anyone else.
I think its time for a change and moving forward. Tenbury hasnt got any sports facilities, no social clubs or even a decent Hall for events, the youth cafe is under threat, what do the next generation have to look forward to, maybe if Tesco or other supermarket came they would sponsor things and get Tenbury moving rather than being stuck in the dark ages.

@WR15 said...

Just as a point of clarification, I'm pretty sure that Bowketts took over from a butcher in Cleobury that was closing down.

No Beard said...

Also Anonymous,

'I do not understand the futures groups lodgic or where on earth they are going to fund Plan B its an absolute load of pie in the sky! Tenbury do not own the site and im sure the owner is not going to just hand it over'

They have outlined how they would fund the purchase of the cattle market site. It is clearly stated in their PLAN B statements they made over the time.

'Im Dont shop in Tenbury because I cant afford to and also I dont find their is the choice so shop where ever could be Tesco, sainsburys, morrisons etc'

If you don't even shop in Tenbury how do you even know there is no choice in Tenbury.

'I do not understand the futures groups lodgic or where on earth they are going to fund Plan B its an absolute load of pie in the sky! Tenbury do not own the site and im sure the owner is not going to just hand it over'

When did Tenbury Futures say they want a site like that as it is at the moment. I believe they have been saying about other developments. Ones more suitable for Tenbury.

'I dont understand why Tesco get such a hard time, Aldi came to Ludlow after Tesco why isnt Aldi to blame for Ludlows downfall, my guess is its neither its just a sign of the times'

It's not that it is Tesco, it is the size of the proposed Tesco. It is too big and I believe WR15 you said this yourself at some point, and that was the old application, this application is bigger than the old one.

'Most of the shopkeepers in Tenbury dont even live in Tenbury and alot can be seen spending their money elsewhere! If the shopkeepers cant even be loyal to Tenbury why should anyone else'

How do you know the shop keepers don't spend their money in town? Do you spy on them, I'm pretty sure that's illegal.
'I think its time for a change and moving forward. Tenbury hasnt got any sports facilities, no social clubs or even a decent Hall for events, the youth cafe is under threat, what do the next generation have to look forward to, maybe if Tesco or other supermarket came they would sponsor things and get Tenbury moving rather than being stuck in the dark ages.'

You have made a brilliant point there, yes there is not good sports facilities available in Tenbury. Maybe the site could be used for this. A good facility for the young generation. Why a Tesco, we have enough shops that's sells a wide spread of items that Tenbury/Burford people need. If they don't think this is true then there is always the internet and other locations such as Ludlow, Kidderminster or Leominster.

Lets save Tenbury before it's too late

Bumblebee said...

I sympathise with anonymous about the youth scenario in Tenbury.. There seems to be a woeful lack in some aspects which are offset only by the hard work and goodwill that allows places such as the excellent youth cafe to continue at present.

But surely it's part of the role of the town, county and district councils to help facilitate suitable facilities for all residents as they are after all elected to best serve our various needs?

Instead of trying to get facilities by piggy-backing on an oversized supermarket development in the town shouldn't we be holding the councils to account more? Doesn't some of our taxes fund the work they do and shouldn't we be able to let them know our wishes and hierarchy of needs?

@WR15 said...

No Beard

I'm not prepared to publish your other post as it contain some very serious allegations.

I have no idea who you are, and do not have the time or resources to independently verify what you have alleged.

No Beard said...

What WR15 you won't publish it because it is true and you don't want Tesco to look bad?

Tesco undercut everyone to get what they want.

There far more straight forward is that better?

@WR15 said...

I thought an earlier post was claiming Tesco weren't cheaper, now you say they undercut everyone?

No Beard said...

Undercut the farmers yes

Not cheaper in the long run about the price drop which was increased before hand


Stubble.... said...

I think no beard was alluding to Tesco undercutting - maybe by showering the community with club card points or "special offers" and then once the competition is killed off raising the prices, national policy or not - the piece in the Sunday Times, whihc i beleive came from The Grocer -article reffered to earlier clearly describes their dodgy tactics - I wouldn't for one minute suggest thet are fraudulent - but they are close to the wind....

@WR15 said...

If they are really so bad to all their suppliers why do suppliers queue up to supply Tesco.

Even Will Chase said

"I started again in 1993. Tesco was looking for pretty potatoes, but this side of the country it was all farmers in smocks, with Hereford cattle or hops. We knew we could grow potatoes and we did – they had beautiful white skins and Tesco was prepared to pay high prices. We built up a great business on the back of this."

Bumblebee said...

But Will Chase threatened Tesco with legal action as he was so peeved at their underhand sales tactics..

"...Mr Chase politely declined Tesco's offer to sell his product. He was subsequently infuriated when the chain bought a batch from a wholesaler two years ago and sold the crisps anyway. "It was a bit of a shock for us one day for somebody to tell us that we were actually in Tesco," he recalled.

After a public spat (read threatened legal action according to "The Grocer"), Tesco announced it would no longer stock the crisps..."

Best buddies? I think not..

From "Crisp Maker Who Defied Tesco..", Independent, 12 Mar 2008

@WR15 said...

But in a later interview he said:

"Tesco created Tyrrells in the first place"

"If it was not for them, I would not have had the money or ingenuity to keep my farm alive."

No Beard said...

Good old Tesco

Regardless of his last interview they still did wrong by stocking them without permission

@WR15 said...

If I buy stock from a wholesaler I don't ask the manufacturers permission before I put them on my shelves either.

@WR15 said...

MHDC have passed the planning application for Tesco. 11 votes in favour, 1 against & 4 abstaining.