Sunday, 5 February 2012

Tenbury Bridge Work 4 Down, 6 to Go

More progress this week, with much of the downstream pavement being encased in concrete.
The reason for the scaffolding is now clear.  It is to support the "tenting" to allow the (I guess) sandblasting (or similar) of the railings to take them back to bare metal so that modern high specification coatings can be applied.
Hopefully the light coating of snow will not slow the proceedings.

It seems that the North car park has been full to capacity on many occasions last week & a number of people have questioned whether the diversionary routes are really being treated as promised in cold weather.

The Town was very busy Saturday morning, perhaps because of the threat of snow, but I found that I had to queue in quite a few shops (and not the usual ones) which must be a positive sign for some.

The first "Tenbury Windfall" draw takes place on Monday.


Rugby fan 72 said...

The path over the bridge this morning was lethal - as well as treating the roads there needs to be a plan to grit the bridge for pedestrians as well - it is "the primary route" for many.

The "encapsulation" will serve a number of purposes:

1. contain the dust and derbis from the blasting of the ballistrades
2. stop any wind interfereing with the "blasting"
3. provide a degree of protection from the cold/wet weather - it would be possible to heat the "tent" if needed, ie when applying coatings.
4. make a nice place for the work force to hide away without townsfolk commenting that they take too many breaks! ;o)

@WR15 said...

I walked along Market Street, Teme Street, across the Bridge & through the north car park at about 10am & thought it wasn't too slippery.

Guess it's like cold weather, the perception is all about what you are wearing.

RichTea said...

At 10.30am this morning the sloping bit at the end of the bridge was lethal - it should have been gritted. I couldn't see anyone doing any work on the bridge.

@WR15 said...

No work is programmed for Sundays.

@WR15 said...

A large(ish) quantity of rock salt (grit) is being delivered to the North end of the Bridge tomorrow. It will be the responsibility of the Bridge contractor to ensure the path across the bridge is treated. Additional arrangements have been made to treat at weekends.

@WR15 said...

WCC have instructed their gritter drivers to treat the diversionary route as primary routes. This should see these routes treated earlier than before.