Sunday, 25 January 2009


I occasionally get abusive comments, saying that I shouldn't be writing this blog, and shouldn't comment on Town Council business. I try to support the Town Council in decisions that are arrived at democratically, and communicated effectively. I do occasionally divert from this principle when I just don't understand how or why a decision has been arrived at.

I believe that the Town Council is a very poor communicator. Unless you attend their meetings, it is very difficult to follow what they are doing and why. They do publish their minutes, but over a month after the event, and by necessity this is a very brief and bland summary.

The contents of this blog are an eclectic collection of my own random thoughts, and subjects brought to my attention by other residents who feel this blog is a good conduit for communication. I am not elected or nominated as a spokesman by any organisation. I do not pretend to talk on behalf of the community. There are people who share some of my views, and others that do not. I do not write all the articles, but usually act as Editor. If you do not like what you read here, find another blog to read, or better still write your own.

I used to write to the Town Council if I had any concerns, but rarely got any kind of reply, and I found that talking to individual Councillors, had little effect, so I started to write my blog, as a pressure valve.

My audience is very small. Tracking software shows that most of the people who read this blog are a small number of repeat visitors, and some others that may stumble upon a link, click and leave the site within seconds. I do not publish my name on the blog, as this blog is not about self-publicity, but locally most people know I am. Certainly the Town, District and County Councillors do, as does the local prospective parliamentary candidates for each party.

Thankfully we still have freedom of speech in this country and most people are either tolerant of what I write, or complimentary. To the few that I upset, I apologise. Feel free to comment and unless the comment is too abusive, or likely to be illegal I will continue to publish them. Most people take advantage of the 'anonymous' option, but I especially welcome 'named' comment.


Anonymous said...

I think you do a very good job and you do it in a fair way. Please don't be put off by a few moaners, many of whom have some sort of involvement with the issues you cover, so can hardly be called impartial. If the people who complain think they can do better, then why don't they? Anyone who can comment on this blog can start their own blog - it doesn't cost anything.

Anonymous said...

More power to your elbow.

Re. the Town Council; yes they are all volunteers and attempt a difficult job but they seem impervious to public opinion.

Having spoken to a number of people in town about some of the matters raised in the blog, it seems that no-one has been canvassed by a Town Councillor for his or her feelings on upcoming decisions.

The solution is in our own hands, if you are not happy with the current councillors then do something about it - why not stand for election yourself, get involved and maybe make a difference. It really is no good saying "They need to do something about whatever", you are the "They" you are refering to.

@WR15 said...

I feel that to do the job of Councillor properly you need time, and whilst I have some spare time, I don't think that I have enough.

It really is suited to someone who is either retired or of "independent means"

I would also struggle to work within the rules as applied in Tenbury. When I was a Councillor (elsewhere) the rules were applied very differently.

Anonymous said...

Please keep up the good work. I am a regular reader and you provide a useful service in passing on information.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate what you do here. Keep it up and don't let a few detractors put you off.

Anonymous said...

Keep it going! I am a Town Councillor and think the publicity you provide (even if it's sometimes adverse!) is very important.