Monday, 12 January 2009

Second thoughts about CCTV

The Town Council considered the subject of CCTV again tonight.

Provisional plans to install CCTV in the Burgage Area, have now been costed, and the question from the Police is "will they be fit for purpose".

The likely cost divided by the amount of crime just does not add up.

One possible alternate solution is to buy a demountable kit, that could be moved around the town depending on the risk profile of any given event, or trouble hot spot.


Anonymous said...

CCTV equipment is valuable so is at risk of being stolen.

Dave said...

Whilst CCTV kit can be expensive, if installed correctly and professionally, it should not be at risk of being stolen or vandalised. Ask Tenbury Wells own CCTV company for professional advice. Eyenet CCTV at the Aspire Centre.

Anonymous said...

Lets hope a local company is used to install CCTV!

@WR15 said...

If they proceed, high probability they will use same company as Malvern Town Council. If you know someone at local cctvco, get them to make themselves known to Council. There might be work moving the mobile set around under direction of local Police/TTC.

DaveC said...

We were in touch with the Town Council first thing this morning. And we were speaking to Malvern Hills DC several months ago so fingers crossed it goes to a local company!!

Anonymous said...

'Good Luck'

To many jobs going outside!

'Keep it Local'