Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Splash Point still not fixed.

Tenbury Town Cllr Margaret Austin, campaigned for over 4 years to get this notorious splash point (in Kyrewood Road) problem resolved, but kept getting the reply from the current WCC County Councillor that it was a low priority and there was insufficient funding available.

At the Town Council meeting in October 2008 Mr J Wallace – WCC Highways Liaison Engineer, promised to get the problem fixed but now it not only persists but has got worse.

The problem has developed into a pot hole, so close to the kerb it is just waiting for an unsuspecting cyclist to come along.

Prospective Liberal County Councillor candidate Cliff Slade (seen here today) has written to Worcestershire County Council urging action to get the problems sorted before an accident occurs.

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Bus Driver said...

Given that the Council takes four years to NOT mend a pothole, it seems only fair the residents get four years to NOT pay their Council Tax and Business Rates

Bus Driver said...

Could the problem be down to the weight of traffic? What weight was covered by the surface specification when it was surfaced? A lot of quite heavy traffic goes over that bridge, can someone ask the Council to produce the weight specification from when it was last fully surfaced (not just a top dressing) and compare it to the current weight limit on the bridge. Lots of buses and agricultural vehicles use this bridge, plus the trucks servicing the rubbish site.
It only looks a little bridge, not modern either, was it really built for 40 tons?

Anonymous said...

if it takes 4 years they obvisouly dont have enough money or there is more important things to do

Anonymous said...

Maybe WCC feel that as it only effects pedestrians and not motorists then it is not important to their target demographic.