Saturday, 24 January 2009

Tenbury Information Screen

The Tenbury Town Council community information screen was finally moved from the library to the Tourist Information Office and information started appearing a few weeks ago.

Curiously, only a small fraction of the screen is being used to display events, whilst 1/4 of the screen shows what appears to be the manufacturers trade mark.

Almost half the screen is being used to show a few photo's of Tenbury (which have been deleted here for copyright reasons). Whilst these photo's are of some interest, after a few weeks they become less so.

If the Town Council are holding out for advertisers, then in the current environment, they will have a long wait.

Why not use the whole screen to advertise, local events, such as the Cinema, the Panto etc. At least this will generate some income for local organisations, which pay rent to the Council.

Meanwhile, which is Tenbury's official Tourist Information website, paid for by MHDC still shows pictures and information about shops that closed or have been modified years ago.


Anonymous said...

Who paid for the screen?
Did they buy it for Town Council?
Did they say "here is a screen, please use it to make money from adverts"
If there is an organisation that hands out grants for money-making screens, can I have one?
Why was it moved from the library?

@WR15 said...

I very pleased to say that following a Town Council meeting on Monday 26th January, it was agreed that the contents of the screen would be updated. By Friday, the content and layout had improved and further design work will be carried out in the next few weeks.