Friday, 3 August 2007

Market Street - Tenbury Wells

The wonderful people at Malvern Hub help desk tell me that our multi-layered leaders (my words not theirs) are "working very hard to solve the problem".

In their obscene haste to demolish the toilets, the powers that be, have weakened the embankment and the road so putting at risk the underground pipes and cables that run under it.

Worcester County Council (the road) cannot act until Malvern District Council (the wall) cannot act until Central Networks (the cable) cannot act until Severn Trent (the water pipe) cannot act until National Grid Gas? (the gas pipe) cannot act until...........

Looks like we will be decorating the traffic lights for Christmas.

It would help if anyone knew who the land known locally as "Snail Park" belonged to. MHDC will be very reluctant to spend money cleaning it up, even if they did make the mess demolishing the toilets.

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